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I know I can’t post this of /r/privacy and /r/privacytoolsio , but if this is true I hope All those shills get a taste of how apple handles their data.
from this post it seems trust in apple in the privacy community is very very high…

You have no privacy while Google play services are running in the background.

And looking at the number of servers running, XMPP easily beats Matrix by an order of magnitude. Number of active users also seems quite a bit higher on XMPP.

From my own experience and what I gathered from others about XMPP, most XMPP servers active today don’t federate, they are insular instances operated by private entities (many social and dating services are xmpp servers at the core) like how facebook messenger at the time. and a lot of them run proprietary code and not fully compatible with all XMPP specifications.
According to the Matrix foundration they were around 35 million Matrix users world wide .
Yes matrix is one exemple of how open source software development should be done, they involve the community in every step of the development, support third party application, are transparent about what is changing and what is to come. they are not perfect but way better than shady Signal crypto shills .

All in all, Matrix is superior to Signal for my use cases.
Matrix could be the future, but in terms of privacy they still need to work on some aspects to prevent systematic leaks, you can read about it here : https://gist.github.com/maxidorius/5736fd09c9194b7a6dc03b6b8d7220d0
XMPP isn’t worst than Matrix, but lacks cross platform compatibility, and not all servers around support all XMPP extension’s as to allow E2EE by default or voice and video calls.
Matrix is where the momentum is right now, development is steady and they are working on spaces and low-bandwidth communications which is very thoughtful from them.

I agree with that too.

Will karma be coming to Lemmy ?

what lemmy devs and community think about reddit’s karma?
Is it in the works ? do plan you on integrating it when lemmy becomes bigger? would you use it for automodeation ? …


Tor network isn’t as slow as it used to be, few hikups her and there but P2P video calls work just fine (doens’t need to be in 4K either), I did it many times using other messengers and it worked fine.

Jami doesn’t want to address the fact that it can’t be made to run through Tor or I2P, they acknowledged that as of now all media communication like (ringing, video and voice calls ) only transit through UDP, and are not interested in making them work under TCP. so as to be able to use Tor.

Hi mate I like your videos on Tilvid. I have just one request, which is to make them available at (360p or 480p) so I don’t need to go check them on youtube.

To add to what has been mentioned. the web is also dying.
Apps have replaced navigators. social media replaced personal blogs. SEO optimized article-farms and copycat sites replaced genuine information and help website. + 90% of webpages don’t get traffic from google according to aherf : https://ahrefs.com/blog/search-traffic-study/

If it is uploaded to the cloud, then is Signal lying about what they provided to the courts ??
Centralization is definitely a big issue. but it seems the privacy community and security experts turned a blind eye on that and gave Signal a pass to advertise themselves as the most secure and private messaging tool out there.

Need explanation about Signal

Lately Signal said to have been subpoeaned to provide all information they hold about a user, and everything they provided are the timestamp of the account creation and the last time login.
Don’t Signal servers store users contacts list ?? if not, then how can they make sure the people not in the …

A wiki can’t solve much of the discoverability problem, for these platforms to be real social networks other than independent interconnected instances there need to be something with a wider coverage, and it shouldn’t just be about creators, every account on the fediverse should be equally discoverable.
The solution that I find the most adequate is having something like a distributed DHT that every instance of the fediverse can query and publish to.
Peertube for instance when they became aware of this, they created sepiasearch.org to be a one stop search node to all instances, then they added a peertube wide search feature from any instance search bar. but because of not all instances federate it still isn’t as efficient as searching youtube.
The real problem is because how moderation works across instances, we can’t have as a wider discoverability reach as on central platform

What about no tools at all ?, isn’t that what has got us in this mess in the first place ??

It doesn’t work like that believe me every thing has to be rethought from the ground up , then recoded.
you can’t just make a website show properly on mobile without changing most of its layout.

Surprised to find websites like this one still around today. I like them a lot
Not every one has the resources of googles to keep up with tech trends these days. On firefox go to View > Zoom > Zoom Text only
then zoom-in to make the text bigger

Any news about Facebook mischief is just Mehh nowadays
They get away with everything they do the users like them and flock by the billions and the markets applaud them by pumping in the billions.

“16 Things You Can Do…”, it’s kinda like putting a bandaid to a victim of a stroke?

you made a good analogy there I know may response is late, and I can’t elaborate on it enough without writing pages upon pages of rumbling rubbish.

I will try and be concise. Being (or believing in) the core concept of anarchy. I can’t conceptualize how any of us could live in anarchy and be ungovernable while living under many layers of external authority.
To a few of us, maybe as a conscious relief, felt the need to organize and come to the help of others who are quashed by the system. while mutual aid is good, we are still living and operating under this same system, and feeding the system as much as others do. I don’t want to cast doubt on the intention of such groups, but simply calling these acts rebellion and becoming ungovernable is a fallacy. we are not willingly coercive with the system but if any anarchist chooses to live then obeying the system is the way to do so.

We can’t have anarchy under Capitalism.
We can’t have anarchy under communism.
We can’t have anarchy under any form of authoritarianism
We can’t have True “Real” anarchy under any form of social authority what-so-ever

Capitalism, Feudalism, communism, what ever system humanity has created before is a product of societal authoritarianism.

I can’t believe what a total joke anarchy has become !
“Be Ungovernable” some people still believe in having little freedoms under class slavery !

There is nowhere else where tech giants hold as big monopolies as in Africa. Alternative platforms usage is nonexistent.

I can give an insight from within
So most of third world countries (non-western) have had wide internet penetration only so lately, unlike western countries they have missed what is to me the golden age of the internet (late 90s to late 2000) i.e before the facebook era. they have missed the era where people used to blog and when genuine content was to be found on websites, blogs and forums. most people who have joined the internet lately have done so using smartphones. and their first entry point to the internet is the playstore, google apps and facebook apps.
I kid you not there are people who don’t know that the internet exists beyond those apps, they don’t know how to use a browser, and they show no interest in doing so. facebook has absorbed the huge masses of these netizens and has widened its offerings to the point that people don’t need to wonder out of those apps to find what they need. In most of these countries, there is no internet neutrality, ISP(s) offer very cheap plans bundling unlimited and un-metered access to facebook whatsapp messenger and youtube. most people have turned into content consumers and show no interest in making contributions if they don’t make the buzz or bring them followers and interactions.

Ublock origin

Side note : “PRIVACY REDIRECT” is a firefox add on that redirects websites to their FOSS front end alternatives : Youtube > invidious
twitter > nitter
Reddit > libredd.it
Instagram > Bibliogram
Google maps > OpenStreetMaps

For me NewPipe is the best option for now!
If you click on the menu icon, then on the drop down where it says youtube you can switch it to ‘Peertube’
Moreover you can add PeerTube intances you follow to NewPipe in the settings under Content > PeerTube intances

/r/privacy is banning post about signal's dodgy cryptocurrency integration

^This title. I guess we all know who they are shilling for ! …

Never let a crisis go to waste, Dystopia’s new normal is happening today!..

This is our propaganda time over at reddit, now that they are removing "opt-out" for data tracking and collection

I thinks it is about time to rally the gang, and go enlighten then folks over at reddit. now that reddit had decided to remove opt-out for logged-in accounts! …

Will a factory reset on an android 6. prevent re-linking to the old identity?

If I factory reset an android 6. will google play services, and apps link the new identity to the old one. by the use of IMEI, mac adresses and google advertising id ?..

IMO, E2EE private chats is the next big thing to add to the fediverse!

Wouldn’t be great if ActivityPub supported something like E2EE private chats between any user from any instance of any project.
I believe the possibility to find and chat with anyone in facebook and Instagram is what have made them have a monopoly in the social media verse. …

What do you think about the future of the Fediverse?

By that I mean do you expect it to take up one day? if so, when ? thanks to what? …

UI/UX suggestion!

This might not be the right place to post I guess! but I hate logging to GitHub and enter a token every time. …


About Moderation, privacy, free speech, and shadow Bans

Hi I wanted to share some thoughts on a topic that appeared a short while back on this instance about free speech and moderation…