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I was waiting for something like this to come up, cheers!
Here is my idea of a FLOSS dating platform. I believe you can make a lightweight project by making it behave just like a profiles gallery, you can make use of pixelfed’s code to speed up the process.
you can also let people fill their profiles with their federated social media content. by pulling profile pics, bios, and posts and linking them to the their dating profile.
As for direct chats, because of how sensitive this data is. you can let people add their instant messenger handles, like matrix, xmpp, briar, or jami accounts and carry on the chatting using those platforms. this will save the instance admins from a lot of legal responsibility.

Resisting any outside influence of authority whether material or intellectual, says the guy with round glasses.

Facebook has been relying very heavily on “spam filters” as lazy means of censorship. they categorize everything as spam so they won’t get questioned about their bias, or anti competitive behaviors.

I have tried Jami about more than a year ago, It has its promise. but they need to work on resolving many connectivity issues. I might go back to checking it later.
I find it sad that this app isn’t more advertised and talked about in privacy and security circle it definitely deserves more light. but hey we always flock t champion the winner.
as for session, I don’t like the direction the devs are taking, as they are switching to using Loki net instead of tor. and they will be tying the app more and more with their blockchain and cryptocurrency. this is enough for me to stay clear as I can’t trust projects developed on money insentives

I have always had my doubts about how open and transparent signal is to its community, I so far have resisted the urge to join signal because of how adamant they are to creating yet another walled garden around their platform.
They have times and times again shown their disdain to interacting with their user base (unlike other open source platforms) and answering valid questions and concerns from their community. and them keeping secrecy about what is being worked behind the scenes and their very vague and evasive answers about future features.
To me signal’s attitude is more inline with silicon valley venture startups than with a non-profit who listens to its user base concerns and needs. though they are working hard on switching more whatsapp users and keep growing.
They ignored the most asked feature for years which is the ability to sign-up without the need of a phone number. while they kept rolling meaningless features to privacy like reactions, stickers, backgrounds, group chats… and kept answering that usernames are coming, but didn’t give any details to how that would be implemented.
Hopefully Berty if released could become a viable solution. as to me right now signal isn’t more than a whatsapp clone if they don’t give up reliance on phone numbers

I am in no way a fascist sympathizer. I don’t stand their beliefs but I make it my own responsibility to avoid those spaces.
I understand this position, and I find it good that the devs are transparent about it, it is their project, their community they run it how the hell they see fit.
I can see myself out when I feel not fitting in anymore.

I am an absolutist I like to respect others free will and have my own free will respected. That’s how it is. sorry!

I don’t believe politics should be baked inside the code.
and by free software I imagine something I can use they way I want. you shouldn’t feel responsible for what others use the software for.

The irony, is that the subreddit admins themselves don’t admit to it being a ban. they are making it look like as if it’s a bug that lasted for too long. and made a sticky post so people stop complaining.

Why bake the slurs inside the code?
Why didn’t you make it so every instance admin makes a list of slurs they want or want not to ban? without having to mess with the code and mess with the license, especially AGPL.

There is an app called lemmur not official (as made by the same people who are working on lemmy).

This is our propaganda time over at reddit, now that they are removing "opt-out" for data tracking and collection

I thinks it is about time to rally the gang, and go enlighten then folks over at reddit. now that reddit had decided to remove opt-out for logged-in accounts! …

If you want them to tell us that they are monitoring our sleep cycles. that’s for sure not gonna happen!

They have no plan on retiring google as firefox’s default search engine.

I might switch if:

  • it is up to date with security patches
  • has multiprocessing capabilities
  • uses the new firefox rendering engine
  • is compatible with firefox addons as I heavily rely on them for automating many tasks
  • can install ublock origin

That’s my point, we as privacy conscious people are a minority, not a user base worth worrying about, we have no leverage over the market.

People will download it and click accept on any user agreement policy google prompts anyway !!
they are too big to avoid too big to fail.
nothing more than apple PR those labels!

I want my browser to be nothing more than a browser!
They are trying to alienate their user base, and they will end be succeeding!
I hope another non-profit will emerge and continue the development of a forked Firefox!

Correct by technology I was meaning to infer its broader scope ‘science’.
Take for instance AI. On one hand it is showing very promising results in detection of early stages of some diseases like cancer. but on the other hand AI is being used to enforce a state of global and omnipresent surveillance and tighten the grips of governments on the freedoms of their citizens.
I don’t think we can have good AI. and prevent the development and use of bad AI.
Once it is there. it is there!

Will a factory reset on an android 6. prevent re-linking to the old identity?

If I factory reset an android 6. will google play services, and apps link the new identity to the old one. by the use of IMEI, mac adresses and google advertising id ?..

IMO, E2EE private chats is the next big thing to add to the fediverse!

Wouldn’t be great if ActivityPub supported something like E2EE private chats between any user from any instance of any project.
I believe the possibility to find and chat with anyone in facebook and Instagram is what have made them have a monopoly in the social media verse. …

What do you think about the future of the Fediverse?

By that I mean do you expect it to take up one day? if so, when ? thanks to what? …

UI/UX suggestion!

This might not be the right place to post I guess! but I hate logging to GitHub and enter a token every time. …

About Moderation, privacy, free speech, and shadow Bans

Hi I wanted to share some thoughts on a topic that appeared a short while back on this instance about free speech and moderation…