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Can’t find the page you read a few days back? Use the Memex extension for Firefox and Chrome. It can search your history and bookmarks for the relevant info

Full-text search pages you annotated and bookmarked with highlighting and annotation for websites visited. No signup is necessary, and you can import from every major bookmarking service. IT has extensions for Firefox and all Chromium based browsers.

It is offline-first. All data is stored on your device for full privacy and is open-source code. Backup your data to any of your favourite cloud providers for syncing across devices.


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I use plaintext Markdown files to copy / pate interested links and some parts of content. This is just a text file so I can easily search a link using grep or whatever text editor.


Do you find any need for organizing your files, or is searching that effective?


I use put all meaningfull links into On android, I use “share” feature of Firefox to Markor app. The link is autogenerate and I have only to add some notes to myself. Here an example.

- [duck duck go](, an interessing browser #privacy

when I have some times, I reorganise theses links into more specific files like “”.

When thematic grow, I can consolidate this to build an intrrssing text, post or idea.


This is interesting - one solid benefit over Memex is that it isn’t an extension, so this workflow can be adjusted for any browser. I could use it while browsing on Tor and I don’t need to worry about being fingerprinted.


This looks pretty interesting. I’ve looked for annotation extensions in the past but they were too inconvenient to use and untrustworthy for privacy.

Edit: I’ve looked at their simplified privacy policy. I really like that they’ve limited how much money investors can make, and funds their company not by selling privacy but through their own revenue, grants, and steward ownership.

All about open source! Feel free to ask questions, and share news, and interesting stuff!

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