Most homes are built block by block, or brick by brick. But a demo house in Calverton, New York, was constructed scan by scan - its walls made using a giant three-dimensional printer.


I don’t think this will be suitable for larger constructions (that are already build in a somewhat similar method for decades), but for such individual houses the effort to bring in this kind of large equipment doesn’t seem to be worthwhile. If you have to bring in a crane etc. you might as well use factory build pre-fab components that are likely better and cheaper.

The main point of traditional brick and mortar construction is how well is scales down. Basically all you need is some human labor and hand tools.


On the one hand it is very good to implement this technology, I hope you can achieve it is still keeping the jobs of those who used to have this role in other areas of the construction since this task will be replaced by the machine.

ghost laptop

what a disgusting feeling living in walls made out of that thing, unless you put some wood on top or something. All plastic.

It’s made out of concrete. It’s explained in the video.

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