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This is a community to share quality sources to support claims and keep them all in a single place. You know that CIA report admitting …? Historical documents proving …? Video evidence of …? Make it available here! Rules: 1. Every post must contain at least one source, preferably a link, and possibly accompanied by images or explanations. A text quote with no context or way to check its authenticity is not a valid source! 2. Posts should make clear what information the source(s) provide(s), preferably just from reading the title or alternatively in the description. 3. Be rigurous about facts. “Person x stated that … happened” is not the same as “… happened”, and that should be made clear in the post. 4. Please note that no specific political ideology is enforced here, but truth is. Fabricated evidence (if proven to be such) will be removed.

The other day I saw a comment making some claim and linking to a CIA report that confirmed it. I thought it would be really cool if we had some sort of repository with sources we find interesting, so here it is!


Right off the bat, can you see perhaps a bit of bias which this community is bound to saturate over? I mean, you’re going to be the mod and you have a clear ideology

Given this, I’d argue it’s not exactly a universal community for various sources but rather “talking points” of your community supported by sources you deem sufficient

At this point, I’m wondering why it is not hosted on lemmygrad to clearly show its alignment?


Don’t worry. As stated in the rules, no posts will be removed over politics, and I will not personally intervene for anything not stated in the rules. I’ve made the community on Lemmy so people from many instances can post there and feel safe. I believe it’ll be beneficial for all communities to have an environment to just share well-informed knowledge rather than attack each other :)

Imagine alt-right activitist would open this community saying exact same thing you do: “don’t worry, I’m going to respect my rules”. His community would get on board, some more radical than others. The most eager ones would be breaking the rules delivering his points but he’ll be reluctant to deliver the justified ban. He’d try to weasel out from this responsibility saying anything to get the party going.

Knowing all that in advance, why would you trust this person in the first place?

In fact, this situation already happened in the past. Look at lemmy.ml, initially non communist platform, but has been routinely raided by communists because they know admin will almost always be on their side (even if they break the rules). So, quite often they are very comfortable harassing others. Were admins’ intentions not pure from the start? I think not, it’s just a tough thing to do: to moderate space if you keep an ideology in mind.

How are you different?


You can look at the modlog to what posts have been removed and why. I routinely disagree with Lemmy* users from the entire political spectrum, as I find it more important to offer good arguments than to suit my views on anything. Anyway, you’re welcome to co-moderate with me if I can trust you won’t do any of the things you mention a mod could end up doing ;)

I’ve got a lot of stuff on my plate at the moment but I appreciate the willingness to share the position of power with another political party. I wish people from other instances could weigh in and fill this role

@masterofballs, maybe you got anyone in mind?

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