I deleted my Instagram accounts today. The process is needlessly obscure - the flow on the app and the web interface only exposes an option to temporarily disable your account - which is an alarming anti-pattern; it is indeed one of the walled gardens I alluded to in an earlier post.

I am a current Facebook employee and I would not recommend our products to anyone without a serious rethink of our business model first - which won’t happen as long as people are wedded to our platform.

Been meaning to write this for a while, but the release of Netflix’s The Social Dilemma yesterday gave me the additional motivation to finally finish this post!

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I think that podcast episode was my first introduction to Tristan Harris’ work! Thanks for linking it here.

There’s been some progress since that podcast - both iOS and Android now let you limit usage of individual apps. Even Facebook and Instagram paid lip service to it by letting you set usage limits in their apps - though of course Facebook and IG (and Twitter) still wants to own your feed rather than let you decide what you see.

But on the other hand … I feel like we’re just tinkering around the edges to generate some PR talking points. In the end it’s still about farming people’s attention out to unscrupulous advertisers - what Jaron Lanier called manipulators

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