dwm for Wayland. Contribute to djpohly/dwl development by creating an account on GitHub.

I am not the author of dwl. Since dwl is based on wlroots (just like the popular Sway) it already supports making screenshots using grim and screencasts using wf-recorder.

You can try out dwl from within your current WM. The default modkey is Alt. If you want to use the Super key, change #define MODKEY WLR_MODIFIER_ALT in config.h to #define MODKEY WLR_MODIFIER_LOGO and recompile. The default terminal emulator is kitty but you can change termcmd to alacritty if you want.

Currently, only native Wayland applications run on it. You can enable experimental Wayland support for Firefox with MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1, see Running programs natively under Wayland in Sway Wiki.

Do not hover over the edges of windows – this will crash dwl.


river is currently a much more usable alternative.

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