I simply wanted to know how long to cook oats in the pressure cooker without scrolling through all the rediculous long food stories that now tarpit the effort of getting to the actual recipe. Every recipe varies on cook times as well, so I wanted a 10,000 foot view of all the cook times that most people are using. This script should give the answer:

while read url

    printf %s\\n "$query_count.  from $domain:"
    grep --color -iE '[0-9]* *(\<min\>|minutes|security by Cloudflare)' < <(torsocks lynx -dump -nolist "$url")

    query_count=$((query_count + 1))
done < <(for idx in 1 11 21 31
             torsocks curl -s 'https://www.mojeek.com/search?q=pressure+cook+steel+cut+oats&s='"$idx" |
                 sed -ne '/<!--rs-->/s@<!--rs--><li><h2><a href="\([^"]*\)".*@\1@p'

Notice that I print the a line when hitting the CloudFlare blockade to expose instances of censorship/DoS. This is the output showing CloudFlare stands in the way of 9 out of 30 sites:


Similarly, I ran a similar script for Metager, and the output shows CloudFlare stands in the way of 14 out of 23 sites:


anerdcooks.com gives the best answer: 8 minutes. Several sites suggest slightly overcooking @10 minutes. So if I didn’t know better, I’d go with the majority opinion the first time. Perhaps the majority opinion would be closer to 8 minutes if CloudFlare did not interefere with over 43% of the search content.

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