• @daelphinux
    122 years ago

    I like the idea of having a 12 volt subsystem that’s automated by it’s own self-contained controller in my house to use from Solar instead of the 120.

    But like, door locks and shit? For that I quote Admiral Adama “It’s an integrated computer network, and I will not have it aboard this ship.”

  • @Matheo_bis
    112 years ago

    I went through the whole gaussian, from left to right

  • @H4rdStyl3z
    42 years ago

    What about rolling your own smart home hardware and software? Seems like a smart (heh) thing to do.

  • @eskimofry
    32 years ago

    I like how Sid from Ice Age represents the people who don’t want a smart home, given how Sid doesn’t have a home.

  • @0x90
    2 years ago

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    • @Zerush
      72 years ago

      Some people likes to have a spybot in the house, who can switch the lights and TV on and of, while it sends all data and conversation to Google or Amazon (worse)