"Update on the future of Hexbear development: please reach out!" on Hexbear
"As some of you may know, Hexbear development has been mostly inactive for a few months now. While the site could survive in this state indefinitely, there is nobody to fix bugs, and we are missing out on over a year of progress made on upstream Lemmy. Example features upstream have since implemented: - User blocking - Avatar/banners for users and communities - Federation There are many, many others, and the list continues to grow. Going back to Lemmy would also mean the ability to use Hexbear through mobile apps. It is unclear if some of our features, such as our emotes and our featured threads, can be merged upstream. Thus, the proposal is to **fork Lemmy again**, this time deliberately not diverging too far from upstream so it's easier to maintain the patches and apply them on top of each new Lemmy release. This is a large undertaking. There is no timeline, but we expect it to be a while before the site is migrated over to the finished fork. We're still in the early stages, but the more people involved the sooner we can progress. Primarily, we need developers (Rust & TypeScript) and ops/infrastructure people. Please reach out to me [via Matrix](https://matrix.to/#/@ella:chapo.chat) if you're interested in helping out. Thanks all. "

Nothing official yet, but Hexbear may be bringing some of their previous devs back to contribute upstream. Along with that would come a userbase roughly comparable to lemmy.ml’s daily activity. Their daily megathread regularly surpasses 1000 comments

3un año

I’m working on redoing posts a bit, but some things I’m changing seem like they were design choices to do the opposite of what I’m doing.

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