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lmao you can’t walk to the store.

From back before Notch’s brain was turned to pudding by $2 billion. I had a good deal of respect for the guy. Sucks what he’s become.

lol imagine thinking it will all be over before next year

Yes, it should always be.

And even if someone isn’t in poverty, shoplifting is just cool and based.

I hate it when countries invade other countries for absolutely no reason at all, a thing that definitely ever happens.

Looks interesting, but not very good UX wise. As a start it should delegate file picking to the system’s file manager instead of trying to do its own.

And they all suck.

I hope this forces Apple to make iPhones with a USB-C port. Even better if it prevents them from going completely portless as is rumored.

Requirements for wireless charging

On a related note, this might force Apple to support Qi on their watches. Though in that case I’m pretty sure the lack of support is a technical limitation based on the round design of the bottom sensor/charging area. Honestly I think Apple’s round design is probably better, so that would be an interesting one to resolve. Maybe some updates to Qi to allow for round chargers like that.

No need to buy new device with charger

This isn’t so good. Basically codifying Apple’s consumer unfriendly decision that has already spread to other companies.

@edwardtoMemesversion 2

Version 1 makes more sense but at this point I’m so accustomed to these more realistic (wojack based?) faces I’d be inclined towards this version.

Is there not a high wojack?

Well I meant selling the music separate in general. Like I said if I buy the game I should just be able to go into the game’s files and grab the audio there.

Yeah, the whole trend of selling a game’s OST as DLC for the game has always felt shit. You’re already buying access to the music by buying the game. Locking said access behind “get to the point in the game where the music is meant to play” is pretty much just DRM.

If you have the game installed you should be able to just go into its files and grab the audio files.

But also just use youtube-dl/yt-dlp instead of invidious.

Literally the same thing as any sketchy site with a name like “freemovies123”, but with a Netflix skin?

You see the .ml in the domain name? It doesn’t stand for Mali. This is a leftist site, Nazis fuck off.

@edwardtoPiracymonthly payments

You can still own (well, as much as having a physical copy has ever counted as “owning”) pretty much anything you can find on a streaming service. Even Netflix shows get published on Blu-Ray eventually AFAIK.