Owncast is your self-hosted live streaming solution.

Have complete control and ownership over your stream, allowing you to create the content and community you want. The frictionless built-in chat allows your viewers to be a part of the action. Include custom emotes and build chatbots to encourage engagement from your viewers. Owncast can work with different storage providers to optionally scale your videos to many viewers using only low-powered hardware. It allows you to offer a live-streaming experience that is without tracking, invasive analytics or advertising. Viewers can even participate without registering.

Point your existing broadcasting software at your Owncast server and begin streaming. In general, Owncast is compatible with any software that uses RTMP to broadcast to a remote server. RTMP is what all the major live-streaming services use, so if you’re currently using one of those, it’s likely that you can point your existing software at your Owncast instance instead. OBS, Streamlabs, Restream and many others have been used with Owncast.

See https://owncast.online/

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