I want to donate to a linux phone. I believe in linux and I want a linux phone. Maybe we can use one in very few years as a normal daily driver. It’s getting closer and closer every month.

I want to donate that we get there sooner. But which project? I’m following postmarket but I’m not sure if they are the most promising. What’s your stance on this? To which project would you give your money to accellerate it?

Edit: I don’t want to buy a phone. I want to support the phone os devs. Sorry for the bad wording.

  • @TheAnonymouseJoker
    02 months ago

    You can only criticize some small project with a developer that isn’t good in communication. You are truly a petty person.

    Someone who hides behing “autism” label to use actually mentally challenged as shields on internet is a fucking disgusting person. Someone who goes to lengths of inventing gospel like getting swatted, with banning people asking for some evidence by claiming everybody is a troll, with no evidence for it in almost a year, is not a good person. Or him officially instructing in his Matrix chat to witch hunt any reddit users that criticise his project by abusing JSON and RSS feeds for accounts.

    I did not know asking for evidence and making things transparent was trolling. I did not know this.

    having a little social media army with sockpuppets to do this

    No loser, the community is the army.

    Lost you on this one. You are an unreasonable BSD evangelist with incoherent rantings.

    Have a good life. May you gain wisdom. Blocking you.

    • @scratchandgame
      Tiếng Việt
      02 months ago

      Can you take some word for hardened_malloc or linux-hardened?