Even though different Linux distros are often fairly close in terms of real-life performance and all of them have a clear advantage over Windows in many use cases, we can’t reject the fact that Arch Linux has undoubtedly won the competition. And now I’m so glad to have another reason to proudly say “I use Arch btw”

::: It was a joke of course :::

  • @TheAnonymouseJoker
    22 months ago

    Did you really make it? Weird to imagine you would be on Lemmy coincidentally.

    • @thecrotch@sh.itjust.works
      2 months ago

      I did, yeah. I thought the original flowchart was really childish and cringy so I made this and posted it on some Linux circlejerk sub on reddit. It didn’t get any traction, I’m shocked to see it pop up years later. I guess somebody must have liked it

      • @TheAnonymouseJoker
        32 months ago

        This gets shared around a lot more than you think. I see it a lot on 4chan and even in internet comments.