**>- If any app ( regardless of the platform they are in ) you know of that is fully FOSS and doesn’t have any ads , tracking or any other anti features that didn’t make the list it is a mistake and you can dm me and i will add it. The same goes for apps that are not really FOSS or have anti features , Even though i have tried my best some mistakes could’ve been made or if the newer updates of one of the apps listed made it unworthy to be included in the list , the platform it listed on isn’t available for it or the link is broken you can dm me and i will remove/fix it.


  • Android
  • Web/Pc


As this post may not get maintained here is the post which i will always maintain :https://lemmy.today/post/6716339

  • @TheAnonymouseJoker
    22 months ago

    Unfortunate and poetic that Jerboa is inspired from Boost, yet original has ads.