How was it? What programs did you use?

I want to try it, but the browser thing is a deal breaker I think.

  • @leanleft
    53 years ago

    recently i have been able to survive with ease in a bare terminal environment for an extended period of time.
    browsing using lynx is not that bad. although i feel like these tui browsers could be designed in a more modern way that shifts away from simplicity and adds some simple useful features and is conscious of practical need of a serious user.
    browsing is like detox for a short time until your brain gets re-calibrated to reading text carefully.
    after a while… you eventually hit a monster problem that requires maximum resources. and then it seems like the intuitive point and click tab whack-a-mole is superior when wading through bullshit mazes of links. i plan on going back to the bare terminal.
    to do that i will benefit immensely from:

    • better scripting skills and competency (such as bash)
    • practice or mastery of tmux to an intermediate level
    • really need more advanced search tools than is commonly available. probably build my own search engine (and maybe crawler).
    • some more familiarity of lynx would be nice. i know it grows with with time.

    it’s workable today. i hope that the workflow can be streamlined to the point that i almost never have to use xorg. (not for political reasons… just because the terminal does average out to be equivalently productive to desktop applications, with the benefit of being lighter,faster,scriptable, and less distracting.)