Fears for safety of Huang Xueqin, who went missing one day before she was scheduled to leave Guangzhou to study at the University of Sussex

Human rights groups fear both have been detained by Chinese authorities, likely due to their activism, and could face a charge of “inciting subversion of state authority” for hosting private gatherings.


I would appreciate it if you could stay on topic and refrain from whataboutism. The UK possibly being hypocritical doesn’t automatically invalidate the fact that a person missing might be a concern.

And yes, making people vanish without a trace, is how Chinese authorities is how Chinese authorities have repeatedly operated. You can of course always argue about whether criminal charges are justified becase those things always involve hidden information, making it very easy to point fingers withot being disproven. But to claim Chinese authlorities don’t act like that is just counterfactual.

Yes, I’m sure there’s no agenda behind the UK drumming up concern over this person. None at all. It’s just how China operates, and the UK is nice enough to warn us about it.

Idek how you got here mate, you registered an account on lemmy and then immediately posted here, to a community on lemmygrad. Weird.

This is lemmygrad, then I’ll do all the “whataboutism” that is appropriate. It’s not whataboutism to point out that the UK is not innocent in this story – that’s you trying to further the UK’s foreign agenda in regards to China. You’re doing their job for them, the least you could do is ask for compensation!

You know what I think? I think China had more than enough probable cause to arrest her, thus they did, and the fact that she was going to the UK on a scholarship – after she’d been protesting against the security act in Hong Kong and right before the UK started pulling strings with their ministry of foreign affairs – is hella sus. She’ll “reappear” sometime next week all safe and healthy, and make a statement to the effect of “the police ordered me not to contact these people as it could jeopardize their investigation” and done, we’ll move on to the next story of the next person that “disappears” in China. I couldn’t get access to the telegraph’s article due to paywall but I found other articles, and there was no mention of her family. Just her “activist” friends.

Meanwhile when our homeless disappear and nobody knows where they end up, well, you know, they’re not people so they don’t count I guess.


Again, the UK having or not an agenda doesn’t automatically invalidate any concerns that might exist.

Also I would like to ask you to refrain from insinuations, questioning of my character or motives or any of that bullshit. I’m trying to have a somewhat sincere discussion here.

" I think China had more than enough probable cause "

And would that be in your opinion?

Yeah and now for some reason this post, in a community that is solely for @folaht@lemmygrad.ml to post stuff from r/sino sits at 3 upvotes, and your lib comments are in the positive and my own comments are not faring that well (almost unheard of for the communist perspective to be unwelcome in a communist instance, as you might imagine), and somehow shouldn’t raise eyebrows? I don’t want to say everything is manipulation, especially on lemmygrad, because we are small, and if we go down this road then we might as well start saying everything is manipulated. So I won’t do it. But this isn’t what we stand for. We support China and we have no reason to believe they were wrong in detaining these two “activists” (“labour activists” in China lol, considering the state of their class struggle that is 100% seditionist stuff). Because every time before that when “labour activists” were detained, they were actually tied to agencies from the UK, USA, Canada… you name it. China has a right to defend its sovereignty from outside influence, and that’s the end of that argument. If someone does not believe a state should or must do all it can to avoid foreign interference then there is nothing I can tell them that will change their mind at this stage.

Also I would like to ask you to refrain from insinuations, questioning of my character

Well you’re the one who’s posting imperialist agendas. You don’t have to, you just choose to.

What else do you want me to attack? The paywalled article that I cannot access? The things I’ve said before about labour activism in China, and that woman who went to protest in HK (a major red flag)? That UK media, including the Telegraph, is just speculating and has no idea what actually happened to her? It seems you’re entirely focused on me talking around the case and not on what I said about the case.

What drove you to make a new account on lemmy and start posting on lemmygrad immediately? How would you describe yourself ideologically? Politically?

And would that be in your opinion?

I trust Chinese police know what they’re doing and aren’t just detaining people left and right for whatever reason. But I’m sure the Telegraph, the Tory newspaper, can find an HKer to say otherwise and give legitimacy to their drivel.


But I’m sure the Telegraph, the Tory newspaper, can find an HKer to say otherwise and give legitimacy to their drivel.

May I ask what exactly your strategy for obtaining reliable information about what is going on in China is? Western media apparently cannot be trusted categorically. And information within China is heavily censored and tightly controlled (which is also why the previously made argument that we haven’t heard from her family is entirely insufficient, because from the outside the family not wanting to reach out and them wanting to reach out but not daring to look exactly the same). It’s obviously not an ideal situation because every side of the story has its own biases and one side systematically and thoroughly shielding information doesn’t exactly make it easier to discern the truth.

Also fwiw, I didn’t know the Telegraph has a paywall ( I didn’t see any such thing) and the initial report I read about it was from a different site, which wasn’t in English though.

I trust Chinese police know what they’re doing and aren’t just detaining people left and right for whatever reason.

So in other words, you are basing it off of nothing other than that you assume beforehand that they have a valid justification to do what they are doing. That seems awfully uncritical of police and authority imo.

Do you honestly believe there is absolutely zero abuse of authoritarian practices within China? And if you don’t, how can you discern what is or isn’t an illegitimate use, if you already reject any potential reports going in that direction outright? I don’t understand how you can think that’s a useful approach to getting informed.

‘Again, the UK having an agenda doesn’t automatically invalidate any concerns that might exist.’

A million Yuans says this is the same guy that thinks Chinese agendas ‘automatically invalidate any concerns that might exist’.

Your conversation is about as sincere as Two Face.


And ascribing an attitude to me out of the blue without possibly having anything to go by to back it up is what exactly? Seriously, what kind of argumentative style is that? You’re making baseless claims and then are using those claims as justification to call me insencere.

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