@nooter692@lemmy.ml is mod of this forum without any comment or posts.

@agreeablelandscape@lemmy.ml hasn’t posted in 3 months.

@marcellusdrum@lemmy.ml hasn’t posted in 6 months

@cypherpunks@lemmy.ml do you need help? It looks like you are the only one who’s active on lemmy

  • Arthur BesseMA
    3 months ago

    I don’t know about the other two mods here but I think @AgreeableLandscape@lemmy.ml plans to return from hiatus eventually.

    I’ve done most most of the mod actions here in the last year, first as an admin but eventually I was added as a mod in this community too because there was a bug (fixed in 0.19) which prevented admins’ mod actions from federating (and there were some egregious posts which kept getting remote reports).

    Thanks for the offer of help @beta_tester@lemmy.ml but I think the other admins and I (who are all longtime Linux users) are doing OK moderating this community. Also I see that yesterday you re-posted something immediately after it was deleted, with a title referencing its deletion 😦

    If you see something that should be deleted, please do flag it, and if you’re unhappy with mod actions you can always message a mod or ask about it in /c/meta@lemmy.ml