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Why XMPP and not matrix?

I know far too little about the implementations to judge about it.

The research is based on surveys conducted in the U.S.

Okay 🤣

Research had better times as well.

did you just share your ip address?

Ignorantia legis non excusat

I have no idea what those are. A meme sub should have meme images and not anime?

Neither are you allowed to wear a bikini at work unless you are a bikini model (that’s what he meant)

Isn’t karstadt long overdue? Nothing lost there. Should’ve been shut down couple of years ago

Request Change [Popular Social Media Memes] to [Popular Memes]
It doesn't matter where popular memes are posted, memes are memes :)

would be good to change the above link =D

One does not simply

Why not simply c/memes ? Or c/popmemes?

Multilingual (german/english) movie torrents
Hey guys! I hope you can help me out on this like the last time I was looking fir help :) How do you manage multiple languages of media? I watch movies in english but my family in german. I can find the movies in 4k in english but with german movies it seems to be a bit tricky. I can find 1080 stuff but not 4k. Do I need to download it, extract the audio stream and append it to the 4k movie or are there better solutions? Maybe indexers/trackers which specialize in german (and english) movies? And is there an indexer for german audiobooks? I am now active in abtorrents but there are only english books (which is great) and private trackers are beautiful because I can actively see how much I seeded in total. Some movies I download come with multiple languages but not most. I think about downloading the english 4k movie and the highest (sound) quality in german. Following is an untested (!) first draft of what I'd do. `ffmpeg -i test.mkv -q:a 0 -map a test.mp3` And then attach the audio stream to the 4k movie `ffmpeg -i input.mkv -i test.mp3 -c copy -map 0:v:0 -map 1:a:0 output.mkv` I assume that there will be problem due to different lengths of movies/ sound streams, etc. But I haven't tested it. This is hopefully the last method I need to do. But in case I do it (good), where should I upload the torrent files afterwards such that noone has to do it but me?

I switched to consent o matic yesterday https://github.com/cavi-au/Consent-O-Matic let’s see how it goes

Thanks again! I upgraded to sonarr/ radarr and it works pretty good so far (besides some things still don’t work properly and missing knowledge :D)

Yes. Make sure to use a good vpn and block connections without vpn

  • Why should you disconnect gps when not needed?
  • why should I use an AV? I don’t need play protect, knowledge about the app is much better.
  • fdroid has its own flaws. It’s not as easy as that. Downloading the app from github directly is a good way.

This is gold! I am impressed how easy it is. Thank you so much

Unless you use a vpn such that they can’t get your ip adddress

Nice. I just had a look at the script. I’ll check it out tomorrow, looks neat!

Google isn’t as good as it once was…

rick and morty season 6 episode 1
Where can I search for rick and morty? I'm new to this. Any advice would be appreciated! Thx to @ghast I got into torrenting. My setup now contains sonarr and radarr with deluge as well as jellyfin. I almost got a 1 to 1 ratio! Pretty happy about it so far :)

You don’t make it better by saying that video is opinion. That video is pure rubbish.

Thx for testing it.

Can you re login, or did you just stay logged in? That might make a difference.

Is lemmur broken?
I can't login anymore

Btw I don’t get the part about “product” maybe you misinterpreted something there

A selfhosted crawler is not for the mass and a meta search engine doesn’t scratch on google’s monopoly either. I haven’t heard of infinitysearch, I’ll klook into it, thx.

It shouldn’t have been a comment/response to yours, sorry.

This all doesn’t matter. It’s not about brave here. If a dev of a well respected privacy browser (librewolf) shares a video where someone talks straight bs you need to question why he shares it.

If you share something online, this is either just for fun, or you follow an agenda. If a dev of librewolf shares criticism about ddgo, he supports it. If he wouldn’t support it, he wouldn’t have shared this exact video. A video with 0 views and where someone talks most of the time about ddgo and not librewolf. This leads to the conclusion that he’s not happy about the decision that ddgo is the default browser search engine. Hence, he wants an alternative, and some people scream for brave search to get rich with their monopoly money. That’s why I asked if brave search is the alternative.

There is no other alternative. Startpage uses google’s results and each search query gets directly send to google. If you use it instead of google, you won’t contribute to lowering google’s power and in the long run a better world. Qwant? Is on a good way but it’s partly owned by Axel Springer. And having google is probably better than if Axel Springer is in charge of delivering the worlds search results. Mojeek? If you want to search for something you can’t find anywhere else, it’s great. But not for every day.

There’s nothing left here. We are all stuck with ddgo.

Noone likes that ddgo censores rt but it gets its search results from bing so you always have microsofts censoring and noone cares about that either. If you want rt, you go directly to their website, or subscribe to the rss feed. If you search for news specificly from rt, you type Site:rt.com RandomString and you’ll still get your desired results. Anyone can shit on ddgo that they did it, but if you are in the position that has an impact you always think twice before positing controversal stuff regarding your own product.

Btw choosing brave search as a search engine for librewolf is a bad idea because that’ll only lead to people using brave in the long run. Because most people don’t make educated decisions and they’ll stick to what they see every day, i.e. brave, even though it’s worse than librewolf.

How can I make Qwant maps work on mull?
[Qwant Maps](https://www.qwant.com/maps) does not work on mull but on firefox. [Osm](https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=9/47.8566/8.6792) does work and I tried turning off rfp but that's not it. Any idea why it doesn't work?

How bad is the future? Removing third party cookies in favor of client side scanning
If I get this right, facebook needs mozilla to get into a browser. I mean this is just a proposal how that all works but why shouldn't mozilla work with the devil to get money, if they are already getting paid by the Beelzebub. Facebook has the ad network and mozilla has the browser. Third party cookies will be [gone](https://mediaupdate.co.za/marketing/151495/the-end-of-third-party-cookies-what-businesses-need-to-know) in a year or so and now [google](https://www.itworldcanada.com/article/google-topics-another-try-at-a-third-party-cookie-replacement/472336) and [facebook](https://www.xda-developers.com/mozilla-meta-interoperable-private-attribution/) are looking into different forms of advertising/tracking. Brave already tracks their users on the browser level and to me the proposals look like facebook and google want to do the same as brave. Observing all internet traffic and categorize the visited websites and creating a profile of the user to "serve relevant ads". This means not only those sites that have third party cookies embedded but all sites are then considered to profile you. How is google's floc or facebook's way privacy respecting? (Sorry mozilla, I only speak of facebook, because if you don't play along, they'll just create their own browser. you have no power here) The exact implementation doesn't actually matter here. Let's say I browse a lot of dog websites, and hence I am in the group of dog lovers, hence I'll be served dog food ads. I don't visit radical right wing sites, so I don't get ads for a steel helmet. If I don't get ads for a steel helmet, and I am not part of that group. Blabla ... based on the recent 100 ads they served to me, they can categorize me and make a very good profile of me. I browse books? I must be an intellectual or whatever. They don't get the exact website I visit, but they still keep on profiling me. They still get the relevant information. How is that any better? I think all those "intelligent" content algorithms are dangerous to our society. Profiling for ads is just the same as filtering the content of your news based on your interests. You'll only be shown what you already like, you'll live inside your bubble and read/see only the stuff you want to see. [Apple](https://www.cnbc.com/2022/02/02/facebook-says-apple-ios-privacy-change-will-cost-10-billion-this-year.html) recently changed their privacy policy which leads to a crack in facebook's earnings. Does apple care about the users privacy? No, but apple's earnings aren't affected. Apple gets more power over their users by reducing facebook's power, nothing more. Back to facebook. Facebook and other advertisers didn't know I was browsing the archwiki, because there are no bloody trackers. Facebook didn't even had me in their database. websites can opt out of floc but do all website owners know this? Facebook didn't know that I was browsing xy websites because there were no facebook trackers. And now they are all over the place. This all sounds hell to me. Yes I can just use a different browser, I can use librewolf. But can anyone who is not interested in IT just use another browser? No. Someone else probably doesn't even know about librewolf and will use the first "privacy browser" that pops up. If everything is stored on my device, the computation is done on my device, what does facebook need to do? Company "DogCo" requests facebook to show ads, and the user requests and ad for dogs. Facebook just brings them together. How does my browser actually know that dogwiki.co is about dogs? Hell, I browse on r/dogs, so facebook doesn't even need to intercept SSL encryption to know that I am visiting dog sites. They just scan it client side and the result which would otherwise be computed on their server is done at my end. That sounds just like apple's csam scanning in a different form. Facebook gets more information about me, can profile me much better, and reduces its own costs significantly. How genius is that? Sorry that this is not a very polished post, I just want to know if I am on the wrong path of thinking here. Sorry for the english I am not a native and some links might not be the best sources but serve the purpose for anyone that didn't know about it to have a quick look. Tldr: i think that client side scanning and profiling is more privacy invasive than third party cookies.

How do I know that librewolf is not out of date?
Edit: would it make sense to write a script that compares firefox and librewolf versions that'll remind me when it is not up to date anymore? If you abandon librewolf, how will I, a user, know that it won't get updated anymore? I know that the librewolf extension exist for the windows users that checks if it is up to date but what if librewolf is not up to date with firefox anymore? As this is my first post here, thank you guys for your work! Librewolf makes it very easy for anyone to have a very good privacy browser.

Can I hide a community?
If you block a community you can't see anything related to that one. If I block xy and look at profile A, and profile A mostly posts in xy, I can't see all those posts because I blocked the instancs. But if the instance justs sucks bevause MOST of the time people just post bs, you din't want to see it in lemmy and need to block it. Can you just hide it so that it's not in the feed anymore?

Can I delete a post?
I posted on !asklemmy which was the wrong forum. Can I delete that post? If not should I just leave it there as is or replace title and body with nothing? I'm on lemmur. Edit: somehow my post is gone and I can't see it anymore.

Is it normal that I see posts two times?
I'm on feddit which is federated with lemmy.ml. I see many posts twice and with different comments. Is that normal/intended? Edit: I'm on lemmur

Can I block a whole instance?
There's an instance which has mostly weird stuff and I need to block a sub each other day. Can I block the whole instance?

What’s the difference between desktop environments?
I wonder why devs need to work on multiple different environments. I only have (user)experience with KDE and GNOME but what's the difference between them? - It's not the default layout, you could ship another default version - goals can be to maximize customizability (features) while minimizing ressources. Or the other way round. (Or simplicity) - is it because devs like different frameworks (qt, gtk)? Or language?