Things that make me angry about my current smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21Ultra on a Verizon plan is the mandatory software updates in which they install WITHOUT MY PERMISSION stupid apps like Netflix and addictive gambling games and stacking block games and Candy crush. God knows what else they install without my permission. I don’t want any of it!

Next phone I buy I want to start with a clean slate, I’m not going to affiliate with any conglomerate like Verizon or AT&T or Sprint or T-Mobile etc, I prefer to go rogue somehow,

which smartphone do you recommend that has no bloatware and it’s customizable?

  • @PanaX
    13 months ago

    I don’t think that’s true. From XDA forums, you can choose to disable the app or completely remove it. I have completely destroyed the system from uninstalling critical apps. I have had to do a complete factory reset due to uninstalling core apps. No root whatsoever.

      13 months ago

      I’ve read it a few times over the years. Maybe I keep reading people say the same misinformation. I suppose without root we’ll never know.

      Your anecdotal evidence could just be that you’ve ruined your profile; although of course, you could be entirely correct.

      I’ve only used it to remove annoying apps, e.g. Facebook. I’ve never gone crazy with it as I don’t care about the manufacturer’s pre-installed apps as they’ve remained silent for me.