I’ve also cross-posted this post on other third-party apps’ subs:

EDIT: Forgot to write a bit of an introduction of myself, hello to everyone here, long time redditor and someone who also happens to mod a lot of subs on reddit such as r/electricvehicles, r/trulyunpopularopinion and etc!

Though I love to moderate and contribute to this communities meaningfully, I never liked reddit, as a huge FOSS fan, and these recent API changes are freaking stupid as well, there wasn’t a better reason for me to not consider moving to Lemmy. I will be speaking with a lot of other reddit mods in my own mod teams and some other friends, hopefully I can bring some subs/people here.

Speaking of bringing people, please do consider checking out these posts I’ve linked above, and consider upvoting them if you agree, this situation with third-party apps are a great opportunity for Lemmy, hopefully it reaches to the devs, and even if not all apps make a move, even one would be a win.

Thank you!

EDIT 2: Hey guys! I missed some third party apps on the list above, just updated them, and the new added ones are RIF, Joey, Get Narwhal and RedReader. UPDATE: Added ReddPlanet.

Please do consider visiting those that I just added and upvote them, so hopefully they can reach to respective developers!

  • @Neuromancer
    1 year ago

    Lemmy is just the latest in a very long line of potential reddit successors. Historically, you can’t move a subreddit to a different platform because redditors are users of reddit, not users of your particular subreddit.

    • @dogmuffins
      131 year ago

      This is true, but of course individuals can choose to move.

      This may not be a warm fuzzy thing to say, but I don’t feel much of a “community” in reddit subs.

      What I mean is that to me, 100 people reading a sub on lemmy once a week is just as useful as 1000 people reading a sub on reddit once a month. As in, I don’t really care if the specific users from a reddit sub are here, just that there are some engaged users here.