I’ve also cross-posted this post on other third-party apps’ subs:

EDIT: Forgot to write a bit of an introduction of myself, hello to everyone here, long time redditor and someone who also happens to mod a lot of subs on reddit such as r/electricvehicles, r/trulyunpopularopinion and etc!

Though I love to moderate and contribute to this communities meaningfully, I never liked reddit, as a huge FOSS fan, and these recent API changes are freaking stupid as well, there wasn’t a better reason for me to not consider moving to Lemmy. I will be speaking with a lot of other reddit mods in my own mod teams and some other friends, hopefully I can bring some subs/people here.

Speaking of bringing people, please do consider checking out these posts I’ve linked above, and consider upvoting them if you agree, this situation with third-party apps are a great opportunity for Lemmy, hopefully it reaches to the devs, and even if not all apps make a move, even one would be a win.

Thank you!

EDIT 2: Hey guys! I missed some third party apps on the list above, just updated them, and the new added ones are RIF, Joey, Get Narwhal and RedReader. UPDATE: Added ReddPlanet.

Please do consider visiting those that I just added and upvote them, so hopefully they can reach to respective developers!

  • @Magusbear
    81 year ago

    Yea, a real mass exodus will probably not happen, but I would love it if at least a sizable community can grow out of it. There are a couple of smaller subreddits I would rather not abandon if they don’t jump ship but if I can get the rest of my “content needs” from Lemmy I’d gladly take away from my reddit browsing time to come here instead.

    • Wiredfire
      91 year ago

      If Mastodon teaches us anything it’s not about the size of the community but the engagement. If we end up with smaller, but more engaged, groups here and elsewhere in the fediverse then we’re in for a good time!