I’ve also cross-posted this post on other third-party apps’ subs:

EDIT: Forgot to write a bit of an introduction of myself, hello to everyone here, long time redditor and someone who also happens to mod a lot of subs on reddit such as r/electricvehicles, r/trulyunpopularopinion and etc!

Though I love to moderate and contribute to this communities meaningfully, I never liked reddit, as a huge FOSS fan, and these recent API changes are freaking stupid as well, there wasn’t a better reason for me to not consider moving to Lemmy. I will be speaking with a lot of other reddit mods in my own mod teams and some other friends, hopefully I can bring some subs/people here.

Speaking of bringing people, please do consider checking out these posts I’ve linked above, and consider upvoting them if you agree, this situation with third-party apps are a great opportunity for Lemmy, hopefully it reaches to the devs, and even if not all apps make a move, even one would be a win.

Thank you!

EDIT 2: Hey guys! I missed some third party apps on the list above, just updated them, and the new added ones are RIF, Joey, Get Narwhal and RedReader. UPDATE: Added ReddPlanet.

Please do consider visiting those that I just added and upvote them, so hopefully they can reach to respective developers!

  • Zagaroth
    71 year ago

    I suspect there will be specific servers/communities that support that content.

    • @orclev
      1 year ago

      I’ve yet to see one. It’s one of the handful of things that don’t exist yet on Lemmy that I’d actually miss from reddit. There’s a few speciality subs that don’t have any parallels on here but there’s nothing stopping that content though. Porn on the other hand seems to be universally banned on every Lemmy instance I’ve ever seen. I guess moderating that content is just too much of a headache for most people.

      • themadcodger
        91 year ago

        I think it’s exactly that no one wants the headache of moderating that. But I’m certain someone will spin up an instance that allows it as soon as Reddit bans it.

      • I guess moderating that content is just too much of a headache for most people.

        Yep, plus I can only imagine just how worse that headache would be for whomever is probably the first to offer it.