Jorge Castro, a developer of the project, talks about why Image-based (immutable) systems are way better.

They are ready to use today, for most people.

Changes to the system can be done in a centralized location, like their NVIDIA images, and you can be sure every Client has exactly the same image.

If something breaks, you can reset it!

And its also way safer, as you have a clean system. Apps cant install what they want. You can easily revert all your changes with rpm-ostree reset.

Btw. you can still install as many packages as you want with rpm-ostree install and even add COPRs and other repos like RPMFusion (included in ublue).

Feel free to ask questions!

Ublues enhanced Kinoite image is what I use. Minimal layers, awesome experience!

  • @jokeyrhyme
    84 months ago

    I encounter misinformation and other FUD about immutable distributions quite frequently

    Imagine a root filesystem that is only modified when you expect, instead of at any time by any software on your system, the horror! </sarcasm>