There was one story where this was quite literally the case: A group of people working in a state organisation to check on taxes in the context of high profile companies like big banks and all that found out that there is something going on in one of the main banks in that area. They started to focus their work on that bank. That’s exactly their kind of work. That’s what they are supposed to do. Then, people in that group were actively drawn away from that case in rather obvious ways by their superiors. One dude continued to work in that direction, and actively tried to fight the apparent corruption that was ever more obvious to him.

In the end, his superior (also a state official, not from a private company or something) sent him to a psychiatrist to check if he was fit to work, and of course the result was that he was “not sane” and not fit to work. Everybody distanced themselves from him. His coworkers, and even his wife. Not because they thought he’s insane. But because they knew what’s happenening, and everybody just wanted to continue their life without being in the focus of powerful people. Understandable, but still…

It took years of hard work with lawyers to overturn that diagnosis. The psychiatrist got a slap on the wrist, and that’s it. If you’re interested in that case, search for “Rudolf Schmenger” and “Kommerzbank”.


@Stoned_Ape @Amicchan this shit hits really hard, but that’s how our dystopic system is constructed. Instead of progressing all together as society we are just tools for the rich to get even richer. How come we don’t riot yet?


How come we don’t riot yet?

  • I guess because a part of society still wants to become the abusing part and works hard to achieve that goal. It is my opinion that these are typically people on the scale of the anti-social disorder, meaning that they have a lesser compassion, some even have none. That is meant literal. This can actually be physically measured and is a real thing. For anyone interested, look up “mirror neurons”.
  • Another part of society suffers from learned helplessness and is just doing whatever they are told - the school system prepares a lot of people to be like that. (See below for more of my personal view on this.)
  • And then there’s the part of society that can’t be fooled and wants to riot, but is prevented by the first group, supported by the second group. Some estimates say that the first group is roughly 20%, the second group is roughly 60%, and the third group is roughly 20%. Though, this is really not something that is established. But I fear it might be correct.

If this is indeed so, then we are royaly fucked. I have no idea how to solve this. I have some ideas, but… damn. This problem is so fucking huge…

Right now I’m leaning towards working with children. I was working in the mechanical engineering business before, but I recognized that the products that are created are not making the world a better place, but are abusing the human being and fuck our environment. I realized that the chance of working at a good place is rather slim, so I turned elsewhere. I always like to play with kids, and wanted to become a child carer in my youth, so I tried it out and it was perfect for me. Over time, I learned more about society and children, and it became my opinion that one way to combat these problems is to be there for kids. To love them how they are, to not pressure them into molds, to let them play and live out their natural motivation.

I wanted to say a bit more about the school system. I mean… we all have gone through 10 years of “don’t ask questions, just do, like everyone else in class - if you don’t, you’ll have consequences”. That is one fucking hell of constant shaping and molding. I worked in an elementary school for two years. I’ve seen my share of children suffering there, after at first being eager to enter school, because everyone told them it will be good and nice there, and that the kids will be more grown up there. The first few weeks are typically awesome for the children. Then the horror sets in. They don’t want to draw the same letters again. They already did it, and they think they’re already good at it - and they are mostly right about it. But, of course, everyone has to work through the same sheets. They ask their parents and their teachers why they have to do it. The answer is like that:

“We understand that this is not fun. We also had to do it when we were young. We did not want to do it, too. We can not explain to you why we are doing it like this, because we don’t know ourselves. You MUST suffer through this, just as we did. There is no way around it.”

Of course, not literally that anwer, but that’s the basis of it. Children realize that this is really bad, but… it can’t be changed. Some children ease rather quickly in their destined mold and will get good grades. They will end up in the second group. Some children can’t deal with the situation and suffer greatly from it. They will get bad grades. Some of them will not forget this and end up in the third group, but some will suffer themselves into their molds and end up in the second group. And then, of course, there is the first group, and even when we see children as something innocent and peaceful, there indeed were children who were clearly abusive and manipulative. “Do my homework for me, or we won’t be friends anymore.” These things happen, and worse.

One example I’ve noticed, which still lingers in my mind: There was a girl that was rather young for school. She was just 5 and a half when she started school. Regular age is 6-7. But she was really clever. She was really eager to joing school. She loved to count, she loved to do maths, and she loved to play physical puzzles with me. She had an outstanding three-dimensional imagination. A gifted child with a lovingly happy soul. She lit the room with her smile and her motivation.

Just 2 months into school, and that motivation flew out of the window. She hated school. Do the same shit over and over again - even if she already knew how to do it? She couldn’t understand why, and people couldn’t give her a response that makes sense. What is this shit that is happening? Why are people here so dry and sad? When it came to using substraction, she could not do it at all. I’m absolutely sure that she is not too dumb for that. Not at all. She just didn’t want to learn a new thing, which she then had to do over and over again, without anyone explaining to her… why?

Damn, this poor girl. She must be in third grade now. I hope she will end up in the third group. We need clever and motivated people in that group.

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