Eric Zuesse On January 25th, the Financial Times headlined “Lockheed ready with F-16s as Kyiv allies revive debate over fighter jets”, and reported that: Lockheed Martin has said it stands ready to meet demand for its F-16 aircraft as some of Ukraine’s closest European allies revive efforts to provide fighter jets to Kyiv. … Frank

This is precisely what is making it so dangerous, i bet if you ask their shareholders, directors, lobbyists etc. “do you want WW3?” every single one of them woud tell you “no”, but they all tirelessly work for selling more weapons, they don’t feel responsible, corporation mechanism relieves them of it. This does work like the capitalism itself, on a systemic levels, not personal ones. That’s why you have climate efforts effectively sabotaged despite they also declaratively would live on clean planet and that’s why you have wars despite them being declaratively against it.


Hence why the headline is, at the very least, without evidence. Lockheed Martin has shown no signs that it’s pushing for commonly recognized Russian territory to be attacked.

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