Try out the search engine at the community: extension:
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Nice to see! I have added the crawler extension and the search to my Firefox. Also I use the DDG extension because of the “Bangs” feature that allows quickly using other search engines. Which I love and keeps it as my default. So I just submitted !MWMBL on the DDG Bang! page so that it might be added on there. No idea if it will be approved of course, but would maybe be helpful if it is.

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That’s really cool! thanks for your support.

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Np, I was glad to see that they didn’t mess it up by only allowing their instance (which we all agree would be dumb lol). Not gonna lie, Vivaldi has come a long way and I love how they seem to be trying to bring back the old Netscape Communicator style suite of things. Firefox is still gonna be my main, but Vivaldi might be my new favorite Chromium-based browser now. Having a sidebar of active Mastodon feeds is pretty dope, and the RSS reader looks better than Thunderbird. The gestures are also better than the add-ons on Firefox and the other Chromium browsers. I wish Mozilla would at least release some official add-ons to allow adding some of this while keeping it compatible with the flow of the main browser.

Sorry for the rant, I am just really impressed and needed to get it out. lol

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