Today I found out that it’s actually a lot easier to contribute to Open Street Map than I thought. There are some serious gaps in house addresses in my area and I was painstakingly using the built in browser editor in the browser.

But, you can use a FOSS app (available on fdroid) called StreetComplete that makes it a lot easier to help out filling in the gaps in your local map data.

It’s really fun - kind of like Pokémon Go but you are actually making an impact 😁

  • @Schlemmy
    6 months ago

    _What are the system requirements of this app?

    StreetComplete requires Android 5.0, and a screen size of at least 4.3" is recommend. Apart from that, any reasonably modern phone (at least 2GB RAM, around 500MB of free space) should support it. It doesn’t require Google Play Services_

    Edit: You were aiming at Streetcomplete, I see now. This is in their FAQ:

    According to our tests, it does work without Google Play Services being installed, but, as said before, the device needs to be compatible.

    • merde alors
      26 months ago

      i’m using streetComplete without google. It’s streetMeasure that requires Google Play Sevices

      • @Schlemmy
        16 months ago

        Apparently, per their own FAQ, it is possible to use it without Google Play Services.