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Just because a country is communist doesn’t mean they will automatically be better for the environment. However a communist country is better equipped and more willing to take actions to solve these real problems.

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Mostly it will be bad because it will want the best for it’s people…or dicktator rather than for the environment. In capitalism land, if you want to help the environment, you can. Also if you want to take people’s money (hard worked hours of people’s lives), then you must look out for the environment too. Obviously capitalism is a shitty people’s thinking economy, but it’s better than having the same asshole abuse you for your entire life and then some. Here’s a list of people who need to be dropped into a 200ton rock pulverizer machine for the whole weekend: putin, dictators, drug lords, bankers, billionaires, kings, princesses, princes, queens, duchesses and dukes, aristocrats, guys from Montana, all religious figures, and whoever else doesn’t work or take care of kids or did that a while a ago before their 60s. That’s going to be some lazy ass mole right there.

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Right, a political system alone can’t guarantee that things will be better. What the system does is create selection pressures that drive behavior.

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