Instructions for running your own lemmy instance.

For the moment, is using an explicit allowlist for instances we federate with. If you currently run an instance, and would like to be added to

  • Let us know either on !lemmy_instances, or commenting here.
  • We’ll add you to our allowlist.
  • Add this block to your server’s lemmy.hjson config (for open federation):
federation: {
  enabled: true
  tls_enabled: true
  # allowed_instances:,other_instance.tld,... uncomment this to use an allowlist
  • Type ! into your server’s search box, and subscribe to it to connect the two instances.
    • @nutomicMA
      93 years ago

      This instance currently takes up 4.2 GB, with 3.5 GB pictures and 650 MB database. CPU usage is extremely low, under 10% on a 2 CPU VPS (including database, images etc).

        • @nutomicMA
          3 years ago

          The only thing we changed with infrastructure since then is that we migrated to OVH, because they have DDoS protection. After that we didnt have any problems.