Instructions for running your own lemmy instance.

For the moment, is using an explicit allowlist for instances we federate with. If you currently run an instance, and would like to be added to

  • Let us know either on !lemmy_instances, or commenting here.
  • We’ll add you to our allowlist.
  • Add this block to your server’s lemmy.hjson config (for open federation):
federation: {
  enabled: true
  tls_enabled: true
  # allowed_instances:,other_instance.tld,... uncomment this to use an allowlist
  • Type ! into your server’s search box, and subscribe to it to connect the two instances.
  • @abbenm
    73 years ago


    Regardless of whether it’s wanted or not, I bet this will be regarded as the flagship instance, and choices made for who gets on the allow list will serve to set a precedent that others may follow in how they decide to federate.

    I’ve always said I thought the Nutomic did a great job setting the tone for what was and wasn’t expected/allowed here, and I think it carries on the very excellent standard set by other activitypub projects like Mastodon and Funkwhale in terms of not being open to toxicity. I think the allow list can help with that as well in terms of setting a standard.