• liwott
    282 years ago

    As someone who is not at all competent, this is an interesting read, and the comments that I see here are also very valuable.

    However, there are a few points in the article that seem at least unfair, and sometime are straight gratuitous insults. The ones that stand out most to me are the following

    Still we must admit that some aforementioned protocols have created huge ecosystems and hundreds of applications, while ActivityPub seems to be relegated to a very few applications aimed at mimicking GAFAM, and nothing more.

    No mention to the most obvious reason why so far there are more successful applications of 42-year-old SMTP and 22-year-old XMPP and SIP than applications of 4-year-old ActivityPub.
    Similaarly, no mention to the most obvious reason why AP applications feel less original wrt the corporations who overwelm today’s web way more than they ever did.

    (mostly south american communists , european anarchists , vegans and other freaks you won’t be friend with in real life)

    It doesn’t get more personal. Also, no shit, the people who are most involved in fighting the corporate statu quo are leftists?

    • Tmpod
      62 years ago

      Couldn’t agree more. The whole tone of this piece is rather depreciative, and the author steps over multiple key points. Not a good post, imo.