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Basically, which linux distro is the best for a non-power user? Someone who wants to be able to get up and running without having to learn how to manage the OS using the cli.

Quick example: When I install a new OS, the first thing I want to do is install Brave. That should be as easy as “click on this thing, type in brave, select Brave, install.”

  • @monobot
    19 months ago

    Doesn’t the Mint software center prompt for an admin authentication if you install a .deb package

    It does, but I wasn’t even thinking of it.

    Mint has flatpak integrated in it’s software management tool, so that might be enough.

    Fedora maybe, I usually hear powere users using it, but for Mint I know that my parents and girlfriend don’t have any issues.

      9 months ago

      Fedora is a bit more complicated to install and configure, but once that’s done it’s not a difficult distro to use. And Silverblue makes it even easier to maintain than Mint as it’s immutable.