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No, no, no! Adversarial implies a match among equals. Look at France.

You’re right, Europe is not equal to Russia in any way. Russia has a far bigger territory, more natural resources, food security, large scale industrialization, and a huge military. You have a caricature of Russia in your head that’s completely divorced from reality. I implore you to actually read up on Russia and educate yourself.

They actually stood up to the US.

LMAO, if they stood up to the US then the war in Ukraine would not have happened.

Rather than cry about American hegemony, they formed their own economic block, for reals.

EU is not an independent economic bloc, and it’s at best a secondary power. Now, EU jumped on the grenade because US told them to and will suffer the most from the sanctions. Meanwhile, US will shore up its economy by forcing EU to buy things they bought from Russia from US at a big markup. Furthermore, being cut off from the Russian energy supply will lead to deindustrialization in Europe making it further dependent on US. Europe is by far the biggest loser in all this, and European governments acted against the interests of their own people because US told them to. Here educate yourself on how the world actually works https://www.counterpunch.org/2022/02/11/americas-real-adversaries-are-its-european-and-other-allies/

Do they go around trying to destabilize the world with deceit in order to make themselves look bigger?

Yeah they do but. Go read up on Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and all the African countries France fucked up. You don’t even know your own history. Pathetic.

They did the hard work and paid their dues to remain free and proud.

That’s an interesting euphemism for saying brutally exploited third world countries robbing them of their resources. This is the “hard work” you’re talking about https://www.theguardian.com/global-development-professionals-network/2015/sep/02/child-labour-on-nestle-farms-chocolate-giants-problems-continue

Russia could do that, if they abandon their strategy of trying to win by cheating. You cannot deepfake success.

Cheating at what exactly? Russia reindustrialized since 2014 and became largely self sufficient through their hard work. Meanwhile, the west continues to subjugate countries around the globe and use slave labor to prop up its lifestyle.


By relying on memetic warfare, like Brexit, rather than domestic reforms. They did the world a disservice by assaulting truth with the concept of fake news. Ironically, their anti-vax propaganda came back around to Russia and now they’re trying to deal with it in a population cynical of what the government says already, so good luck with that.

Buddy, the west has far more widespread control of the media and drives massive propaganda campaigns against its own public. Literal books have been written on the subject. Go read Inventing Reality by Parenti or Manufacturing Consent by Chomsky. Pretending that Russia comes anywhere close to this level of manipulation, especially in the west, is absolutely hilarious.

The mere fact that you think that Russian propaganda is some sort of an outlier clearly shows how effective western propaganda is.


Yes, I agree you. I would love that we address the extraordinary power that Murdoch and Koch have accrued while no one was looking. Again, I wish Putin would act like a big boy, shut up, and sit down so we can deal with the real problems of this age.

Putin has literally been trying to get the west to sit down and talk like adults since the 90s. The whole reason for this conflict is that the west has contempt for Russia and refused to take it seriously until now. Framing it as Putin being the only problem is precisely the reason for the whole mess.


Whining to the west doesn’t work. France walked a long, hard road. Vietnam didn’t complain about it’s plight, it adapted. India didn’t cave into the American sphere and look at them today. Those countries built themselves up, they didn’t try to succeed by dragging everyone else down. Russia’s current strategy is deeply flawed.

Nobody was whining. Russia said it had red lines that needed to be respected, and the west chose to ignore that. Now there’s a war. As I’ve repeatedly pointed out, and you continue to ignore, Russia also adapted by reindustrializing and becoming largely self sufficient. I guess you can’t acknowledge that since it doesn’t fit your narrative.

Not sure how Russia’s current strategy is flawed actually. They will create the security they desire in the west. They have two large trade partners in the east. Their economy will be far less affected than western economy because unlike the west they actually prepared for this. Unipolar world is now over.


Consider how immature that is. “You better not stand too close to me, or I’ll beat up my next door neighbor!” The west is like, “Are you sure you want to do that? We won’t invite you to anymore parties and we’ll give him our spare guns…” Now Putin is crying that they made him get shot. An idiotic miscalculation of historic proportions.

Cheaters never prosper. It’s not creating security, but serfdom. All the lies, the assassinations, the war crimes have finally come home to roost. Because of Putin’s megalomania, Russia is now captured in China’s orbit. Great, now you don’t answer to western masters. Now, it’s eastern masters.

Yeah, let’s consider how NATO has been expanding east for the past 30 years and destroying countries. Let’s also consider that NATO set the precedent for what Russia is doing in Yugoslavia.

Meanwhile, none of your moralizing matters in the end. Russia had concerns, and they made them clear. The west had a choice to take them seriously or not. The west chose the latter and that led to a war.

Meanwhile, the only idiotic miscalculation of historic proportions was in trying to cut Russia off from world trade. That very clearly hasn’t happened, as all the western bankers knew it wouldn’t. However, it absolutely did undermine the legitimacy of the western financial system.

India now trade with Russia using rupees, China trades with Russia in Yuan, and even America’s best friends the Saudis won’t return Biden’s calls while talking about switching to yuan for their oil payments to China.

Cheaters never prosper. It’s not creating security, but serfdom.

Precisely why the west is failing today. The west brutally enslaved billions of people in the global south and has been enjoying a high standard of living plundering their labor and resources. Those days are rapidly coming to an end my friend.

Meanwhile, I’ve repeatedly explained to you that I don’t live in Russia and I don’t have any stake in Russia’s future. I absolutely think Russia will fall into China’s orbit and will become its client state. Just like the country I reside in is a client state of the US.

The problem for Europe however isn’t whom Russia answers to but where its resources and energy come from. If European leaders had any brains they would’ve integrated Russia into Europe as an equal partner and secured Europe’s needs the way China will secure theirs now.

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