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I’m having problems with Manjaro again, always after those big updates. Anyway, I’m moving from Manjaro since it seems it will not work (authorization isn’t working properly). I already tried Ubuntu before (used it for 3 months), but moved on since file management in Ubuntu is pretty bad (had to use terminal to copy files and format drives because system wouldn’t recognize me as administrator). I’ve been using Manjaro for 4 months and it’s really good, the update problems ruin it.

Anyway, I was thinking of moving on to something like Linux Mint, Debian or Fedora. I wanted something with support and with people that care for the code. What do you guys suggest? I ask because I don’t want to encounter another distro changing problem with my next distro.


“Distro recommendation” questions aren’t usually very useful…all you get is everyone recommending the distro they use. It’s unlikely you can get anything useful out of the answers.

I wanted something with support and with people that care for the code

Applies to pretty much every major linux distro that isn’t a derivative and also some of the derivatives that do more than just add some cosmetics (unless you specifiy a bit more in details what you mean with “care for the code”).

Also all distros can be configured, there is no real reason to switch from something like ubuntu because you don’t like how the “Files” manager works to another distro…you could get pretty much the same on ubuntu as other distros offer and in most cases easier than by doing a reinstall. Really, you are better off trying to fix an issue you have on one distro that distro hop at every little problem you run into…


@hanabatake’s comment here could be an exception to this rule of unhelpfulness(?)

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