I am curious about the reason why they were banned.


the problem is that more extreme people will feel welcome, if that’s the general tone of the discussion.

The communism discussions on lemmy are already quite extreme and so was this mod’s reaction: banning someone for offending your political views — kind extreme, isn’t it?


I agree on both of those points and I still think, it’s a necessary evil for multiple reasons:

  1. A ban isn’t actually that harsh of a punishment on here. Sure, Panzerfaust might be done with the platform and he did post some good content. But for him personally, he can find a different instance or a different Reddit alternative. Or if he really wants to stay, he can absolutely just create another account.

  2. No one needs to hold the political opinion that Nazis weren’t that horrible. There’s aspects where free speech is harshly necessary, e.g. if you’re not allowed to criticize your government. But if you’re not allowed to praise the Nazis, that has no impact on anything.

  3. Pretty much all prior Reddit alternatives have been overrun by right-wing extremists. If this Lemmy instance doesn’t want to undergo this same fate, yes, they have to piss off some people. Just tolerating all opinions under the guise of free speech, doesn’t work, if you don’t want right-wing extremists on your platform.

If you disagree and you’d rather have as little moderation as possible, at the risk of a few right-wing extremists on there, that’s also fine. You can find a different instance or Reddit alternative (as I said, there’s plenty that are overrun by right-wing extremists; who will probably also ban someone for holding left-wing ideas, but yeah, feel free to choose your own poison).

  1. No one needs to hold the political opinion that Nazis weren’t that horrible

Who said that? Panzerfaust said that Nazis and Commies are awful and the planet would have had been better off without them. Which we can all agree with, right? No one is praising nazis, what are you even on about.

Imagine reddit admins banning someone for a comment like this — the fucking site would implode.

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