Is there any cool project that uses GPT3 or other AIs?

  • Arthur BesseA
    32 years ago

    Lmao, the fediverse does not seem helpful or desirable here. I don’t want to share my texts-to-be-translated with more 3rd parties, I want to share them with less!

    If I must transmit to a 3rd party, I would rather it be a european company like DeepL (who is most likely following GDPR and is probably actually only using texts from their free service to improve their service rather than using it for building profiles on people like Google is…) than to use some thing hosted by some random person.

    Fortunately there are several different free software translation engines which you can run locally, so, you don’t need to rely on 3rd parties anymore. Via CHEF-KOCH’s comment in this thread, I see that there are at least three different free software engines that can be run locally:

    Each of those does also have free instances on the web, but, you don’t need to rely on those… you can install the software on your own computer!

    • Vegafjord eo
      12 years ago

      Im not suggesting that the text to be translated should be posted to instances. That would break the right to privacy.

      However, I think a fediverse could improve such offline tools that you are referencing as well improve translation tools that has access to the internet.

      This could for example be done by having instances specifically designed to create dictionaries through collaboration, perhaps with a very specific theme. An instance could have an aim for creating definitions in mathematics, for children or for carpenters. A dictionary could then be generated from a set of instances.

      These definitions could be designed to allow for automation of translation. Perhaps through use of functional definitions.