Email is already nicely federated, but I think it’s time for a change. Services like protonmail claim to offer encryption between users, but you can’t host your own instance. It would be awesome if there was a spec somewhere for a federated email service that defines

  • email encryption between users
  • markdown
  • connection with activity pub? (What would this look like) I mean some way to “email the web”, ie: add comments via email
  • compatibility with standard email users (if you send/receive to/from a user who does not have email v2 implemented it just uses normal features)
  • somehow better support for email discussion groups (hop in and out, public interface defined)
  • this spec should be focused heavily on usage for humans instead of automated mailing, I expect html would not be defined.

I’m just spit balling here. Does anyone have any ideas? Does something like this exist?

Thanks, Evan

  • AgreeableLandscape
    3 years ago

    Basically, use Matrix, XMPP or Briar. Because you’ll have to install special stuff to make email even somewhat secure anyway, so why not just switch to something that’s far MORE secure by default?