Any advice on diffusing arguments for conversations i'm not apart off?
cross-posted from: > I've noticed variations of 'calm down' don't work. > > Lots of ppl in arguments in the hood

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It kinda blows when someone gets kinda belligerent towards you, then you have to apologize to maintain the relationship
Even though you realistically didn't do anything bad. Relationship being like acquintanceship or attempting to get along with a coworkers who's reasonably not crazy most of the time

How to notice one sided relationships faster?
I have too many 'friends' who don't ask me any questions and when we 'hangout' they just talk about themself the whole time. I've had enough 'friendships' like this that I literally won't notice the problem for weeks or like after a month they remark that they don't know much about me and basically explain that they're been talking the whole time and that i've been basically just active listening or relating similar stories.

When do you miss your ex?
cross-posted from: > Me - when I'm lonely.

If 2 people spend enough quality time together, do romantic feeling always develop?
cross-posted from: > Assuming both or at least one of of them has a correspond sexuality/gender/etc that works with the other

Getting blocked is seen as an achievement (of sorts): Problem solves itself.
This is why getting blocked is seen as an achievement (of sorts): Problem solves itself.

Anyone found any science on how much we should hangout with friends?
Like say per month. For me specifically, no family.

My prince edwards is the best relationship movie i've ever watched
prob People talk a lot about 500 days of summer and thats definitely useful too. Swingers is good for break ups. Eternal sunshine didn't seem useful. Any similar movies?

Discuss any manner of relationship. Friends, roommates, dating, marriage, spouses, kids, etc.

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