Motivation - Do the thing!
"The goal of this essay is to simply remind you that as a human being you’ve got tremendous powers, and those powers are temporary just like your life, and you have a choice to tap into your full potential if you want to."

> All that matters is your work. No, not absolutely all. Because you mustn’t treat yourself as a person so harshly. It’s all inverted conceit, in an odd sort of way. Look OUTWARD, my dear child. Don’t muck about picking at your entrails, and shitting on yourself. Your work is more important than you are because it’s what everybody can actually hear and see. You have great talent and are mucking about by trying to destroy your nerve. The only way you will get failure is to deliberately bring it on yourself. . .

Never Stop Dreaming - Short Film Inspired by Robert Lewandowski
The film inspired by great football player Robert Lewandowski and his famous sentence: "Never stop dreaming. Never give up when you fail. Work hard to achieve your goal".

The Happiness Problem - Dark Mountain
The more we focus on the things we think will make us happy, the less we focus on the other things in life that matter

An Introduction
Hey everyone. I have some difficulty keeping myself on track overall, due to feeling lethargic more often than not. To help, I sometimes browse Reddit in the hopes that I'll find something that'll inspire me to get moving, but I'm a big believer in libre culture, and as such I don't believe that Reddit should have the sole capability of making or breaking my lifestyle. I'd like this community to hopefully inspire people to shed their sedentary lifestyles and to bring people towards a lifestyle that promotes physical and mental health. Every small act of self care matters, and thus a community like this should be nothing but beneficial. Let's make it the best it could possibly be.

Motivation - Do the thing!
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