An Introduction

Hey everyone. I have some difficulty keeping myself on track overall, due to feeling lethargic more often than not. To help, I sometimes browse Reddit in the hopes that I’ll find something that’ll inspire me to get moving, but I’m a big believer in libre culture, and as such I don’t believe that Reddit should have the sole capability of making or breaking my lifestyle.

I’d like this community to hopefully inspire people to shed their sedentary lifestyles and to bring people towards a lifestyle that promotes physical and mental health.

Every small act of self care matters, and thus a community like this should be nothing but beneficial. Let’s make it the best it could possibly be.


Great idea! That has been one of my new year resolutions to work on motivation in particularly develop healthy habits better. I’m still experimenting with few things but I got some success already but there’s still lots of space for improvement.

That being said I really dislike the connotation that comes with the word “motivation” - I very much prefer productivity or grit.
Motivation has this implication that you need some sort of carrot on a stick when in reality that’s rarely the case. In my opinion what people experience is lack of organization, structure and simple reflection.


It depends on the individual. I’m a very organized and structured person, but I believe that I may have depression, so while I know what I have to do and exactly how important it is, I seem to be trapped in a sedentary shell. I want to do what I need to do, but it’s like my body is absurdly heavy, and despite sleeping well, I often feel tired and lethargic. For me, it’s a matter of collecting enough gusto to force myself through whatever it is that I have to do. I’m doing much better than I ever have before, but there are just some days that really weigh me down more than others. On those days, it’s good to have something external to turn to to help me force myself to move.


Could you clarify what sort of content would inspire that? I have many resources I’d be keen on sharing but nothing seems to be 100% related to what you’re describing.

I feel that the subject you’re describing is a bit personal and maybe hard to approach from a content aggregator platform’s point of view. For example reddits /r/getmotivated in my honest opinion is completely ineffective pool of quotes and motivation posters pictures that are nothing but false-reinforcements.

However if we defined motivation as in energy to do something I think I have some ideas and do believe in some effectiveness of such posts. For example standup sort of discussions are often very motivating, i.e. “what have you been working on this week” sort of posts definite give you a bump, especially when you have someone else reply to you.

So as to my proposal for starters I’d propose weekly “what are you doing” discussions!


That’s a pretty cool idea, I can’t really say right now what kind of content would be best for me. Those discussions would be very cool, but maybe once a month would be a more appropriate frequency. Otherwise, it sounds good to me!

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