EVERYONE has knocks
It was in London in 1953 that Peggy Ramsay opened her own literary agency for playwrights, quickly becoming one of the best-known and most successful theatrical agents of the 20th Century, with a client list that boasted many of Britain’s greatest dramatists.

All that matters is your work. No, not absolutely all. Because you mustn’t treat yourself as a person so harshly. It’s all inverted conceit, in an odd sort of way. Look OUTWARD, my dear child. Don’t muck about picking at your entrails, and shitting on yourself. Your work is more important than you are because it’s what everybody can actually hear and see. You have great talent and are mucking about by trying to destroy your nerve. The only way you will get failure is to deliberately bring it on yourself. . .

Motivation - Do the thing!
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