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  • Look on the underside of the crank housing. Is there a plastic track for the cable to go around and point up?

    I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly, but here’s what the cable fixing thingie looks like with and without the bolt.

    Without the bolt, a vertical track for the cable to run through is visible left of the screw hole:

    Operate the derailleur by hand to see which way it needs to be pulled, cable pills one way, spring pulls other way.

    When I pull the derailleur to the right by hand, the cable bolt moves upward - this means it’s a top pull, yeah?

    Does this all mean that just running the cable straight down to the left of the bolt (the way I have it) might actually be the correct configuration?

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    Since you chose Linux Mint—good choice btw—something to keep in mind is that Mint is based on Ubuntu. While you’re learning and searching the interwebs for how to do x, y, and z, if you don’t find an article or guide specifically about Mint, try searching the same phrase replacing “mint” with “ubuntu.” There’s far more content out there about Ubuntu than Mint, but since Mint is based on Ubuntu, 9 times out of 10 the same solution on an Ubuntu forum works in Mint.

    Good luck!

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    Separate from my initial generic response:

    Retirement savings beyond the standard 401k and IRA options

    I believe the typical advice is to max out your HSA contributions and save your health care receipts but don’t reimburse yourself yet because there is no deadline for reimbursements. Instead, just treat your HSA like a double tax advantaged retirement investment account.

    Beyond that, you’re looking at a regular taxable brokerage account. Look into which asset types are most tax efficient—those are the ones you’ll wanna allocate in your regular taxable brokerage account. Careful, it’s a rabbit hole and you will hit against the law of diminishing marginal returns, but it might be worth it to broad strokes put international funds in your taxable brokerage while your bonds are live in your tax advantaged accounts. There’s more info on this if you search the boglehead wiki.

  • I can’t speak to the specifics in your original question, but I reckon you’ll need to chat with several potential CFPs with a set of questions prepared and a somewhat rough idea of what answers you’re looking for. Hopefully when the right one crosses your path, you’ll know. Not because you already knew the answers to your questions, but more like you’ll know what not the right fit looks like. Does that make sense?