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It’s from a Swedish children’s book series called Pettson and Findus, set in the Swedish countryside

On my mi9t running lineageOS 17.1 the option is in: Settings > System > Advanced > Gestures > System navigation. There is a cogwheel icon on the “gesture navigation” option, and when you click on that you can adjust sensitivity and “back exclusion on top”. Hope that helps


LMAO best Lemmeme I’ve seen so far

This is great! Not only does it reduce stereotypes, but it also increases the readability. IMO “they” and “them” feels much more natural and easy to read than “s/he” or “himself or herself”.

U.S. e-waste / U.S population = 0.0210 tonnes = 21.0 kg
So I guess kg/person

The story is sweet, I like the narrators voice, and the concept works surprisingly well! The game was not hard or stressful at all, and combined with calm music and visuals it made for a short but enjoyable experience! I don’t think my computer enjoyed it as much as I did though, the fans were running at full speed with a 1070 and i5, but that might be something to do with my distro/drivers/fan-curve.

I tried the installer in a VM, and it was not as good as I had hoped. Sure, I booted to a fully working GNOME desktop first try without reading any instructions, but the installer was unpolished and didn’t feel official at all.

  • There was no “go back” in the script. If you did something wrong, just stop the script and run it again.

  • It was just text. After a while the screen filled up with instructions and questions and everything looked the same, I had to concentrate to find the step I was on.

  • The alternatives were listed before the questions. I can understand why it is that way, but it felt unnatural to me.

I love that they include an installer now, but I’m not sure who it is for. IMO It’s too complicated for a beginner, and more experienced users probably want more customization than is offered in the installer.

I used to write them down on a piece of paper that I stored in a small safe. Now i’m to lazy to do that, so I just take a picture of the codes with my phone, which is worse than storing them in bitwarden since they’re not encrypted or backed up.