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Is there anything like nix for mobile devices?

I find myself reconfiguring my smartphone countless times; much more than my computer. Is there something that works like nix to define my config on a device, like apps, email, calendar accounts, etc.?..

Definitely a traffic light.

The bridges feature of Matrix servers is something interesting regarding that problem. I think it’s a wise move as it integrates in everyone’s life and lessens that sensation of fighting against the system.

(I’m thinking about how I used Signal, where I have <10 contacts, hoping that it would replace WhatsApp. I can’t see that happening, everyone will use what they prefer.)


I’m new to clojure and I’m currently reading Clojure from the ground up in my spare time. I was brought to it initially by Roam Research/Athens development, then became a personal challenge. I’ll be hanging around, reading all the interesting references I see in the community info panel. …

I really liked Leffe Rouge (Red).