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I have been thinking of trying NixOS too.

I knew you could create docker files with Nix but I didn’t know they could be more efficient.

Yep, I think this dam also supplied water to Crimea so it might indicate that Russia doesn’t think they can hold Crimea in particular.

I want more people.to.use federated social media. Lemmy and kbin are among the best federated social media they just need more users and content.

Read the main post from the developer they mention Lemmy and mastodon

The content of the reddit post: >Hey everyone, I just had another call with Reddit and wanted to share what I've heard, even though I haven't made any concrete decisions yet on how to proceed. (Previous update >They confirmed to me the new cost of 3rd party apps accessing the site, which is exactly what the Apollo dev revealed -- for every 50 million requests they want $12,000. >They won't be making exceptions for free apps. >The Apollo dev (/u/iamthatis) estimated that the new pricing would cost him $20m per year. I raised this with Reddit -- they said that his calculations were "totally wrong", but they were unable to discuss why. Given that the Apollo dev literally just multiplied the cost by the number of requests, I have trouble seeing how this could be wrong. >I did some back-of-envelope calculations, and the equivalent cost for RedReader could be something like $1 million per year. Since I don't track users it's hard to get an exact figure. >Most of the conversation focused on the ridiculously high cost. They said that they didn't think the costs were high, but were in fact "on parity" with the rest of the non-third-party-app userbase. This contadicts the public calculations by the Apollo dev, who estimates that they are charging more than 20x an optimistic estimate of their typical per-user revenue. >I raised the question of why paid API users will be unable to access NSFW content, whereas other users will have access to all content, meaning that those paying the most for access will be treated as second class citizens. They said that they were unable to discuss the reasons for this. >They reiterated that their goal "isn't to kill 3rd party apps" -- in fact, they said they were "confused" by claims that they want to do that, and that if they wanted to kill off those apps, there would be "literally nothing stopping them" just doing it directly. I pointed out that regardless of what their motives are, the end result is the same -- the apps will be killed off. >Also, I have previously pointed out their dependence on the community doing free work for them (creating and moderating content), and how the users who contribute in that way are the ones most likely to be using 3rd party apps. I don't get the impression that this bothers them -- it all seems to come down to revenue. >I've raised the point of accessibility with them, as I've heard from many blind users that use RedReader due to how it's optimised for screen readers (thanks in part to the excellent work by /u/codeofdusk and other contributors). I'm waiting to hear back from them about this. >It's difficult to imagine any sustainable, official path forward with Reddit as a result of these changes, and personally I'm not at all inclined to invest any more of my time in their platform, or drive any more traffic to it. >Right now I'm considering the possibility of modifying the app to connect to a Reddit alternative such as Lemmy or Mastodon. There would be something very satisfying about some of the bigger Reddit apps driving their userbase to alternative sites too, and if this helped one of those platforms gain traction then that would be a step in the right direction. >Just a quick note on some of the other possibilities: >Charge a subscription to use RedReader: I have been considering this as a possibility, however due to the incredibly high pricing, and the fact that only the most dedicated (and costly) users with the highest usage would sign up, I think this would quickly become unsustainable. >Everyone uses their own personal developer key: It's too early to know whether this will be a realistic option. From what I've seen, Reddit may be turning developer signups into a manual process where each user would need to message them and get approval. Also it's likely they'd crack down on this if they knew it was happening. >Scrape the website rather than use the API: This is possible and there's plenty of legal precedent that it would be fine, however it's an extremely high-maintenance approach that means we'll forever be playing a cat-and-mouse game with Reddit. I suspect that even if I don't go down this route, someone else will eventually fork the app and do it anyway! >I haven't made any concrete decisions yet, but I'll keep you all updated. I read every message on the previous thread, and really appreciate all the support and feedback.

It just seems to limit the content that is accessible to me.

Some counterpoints to this:

  1. To my knowledge servers try to federate with a wide range of other servers. They will only ever block each other if the content is problematic.
  2. You can create your own server that federates with every instance you want. Chances are, someone had the same problem as you and is dooing this already.
  3. We could actually see more content than reddit eventually. Some community forums haven’t migrated to reddit because reddit would have final control/ownership of the community. This isn’t a problem with Lemmy. More communities like this one might migrate from isolated forums to Lemmy.

Fedora is a good choice. It is stable while being fairly up to date. The only issue is that (I think) proprietary drivers aren’t included by default.

Jerboa is also on fdroid (an alternative app store for android) I believe.

Otherwise you could use a mobile browser.

Europa Universalis 4 - played something like 1000 hours but haven’t done a world conquest.

Repairabilty and durability are more important to me. AFAIK none of the folding phones are particularly repairable or durable.

I would like to know to what extent you are able to scale up the hardware. Is there a theoretical limit in the number of users that can handled?

Yep, a lot of people (including me) moved to beehaw for that reason.

IMO the concerns are. The latests AI:

  • have capabilities that are/were unexpected.
  • have novel applications that are changing job markets and power balances.
  • have acted deceptively in some cases.
  • have been very persuasive in some cases.

Demo of a p2p reddit alternative
Found it shared by the creator in this reddit [thread.](https://reddit.com/comments/13wuj25/comment/jme7zar)

For anyone who doesn’t know; Helix is an editor with vim like keybindings with more out of the box functionality than vim.

I am using it too and like it.

The only problem I ran into is that the search and replace function (across.multiple files isn’t very good).

Message to the new users:

Communities like this struggle to get started without corporate backing and marketing money. Once we hit a critical mass the quality of the content and number of users will keep increasing.

Please help by:

  • spreading the word about beehaw.org and LemmyNet in general.
  • try to contribute by commenting/posting.

Relevant links:

Reddit mods announce the api update

Link to the apolloapp thread

Link to r/programming thread

Link to r/technology thread

I don’t really think Lemmy.ml will have very good retention of new users. Because:

  1. New users will mostly come from reddit or mastodon.
  2. Most users of reddit and mastodon willing to leave are anti corporate, anti authoritarian, anti-war, pro human rights.
  3. A lot of posts that you see on Lemmy (either from Lemmy.ml or lemmygrad) are pro-russia, pro china or anti-western to the point of being really annoying. Its not fun to talk to people without a hint of nuance.

So it is not surprising that new users will get turned off by this and leave (or move to beehaw).

They using a forked version of an earlier version of Lemmy (from before there was federation functionality). They have built up some additional features that Lemmy doesn’t have, which is why they don’t just migrate to the latest version of Lemmy.

They are working on migrating. Here is a post from (I think) an Admin that explains more (originallinkk might be broken but you can see some of the post in my beehaw link): https://beehaw.org/post/299431

Open source LLM’s are catching up fast and are good enough to be very dangerous on their own.

Checkout this leaked aricle from inside google: https://www.semianalysis.com/p/google-we-have-no-moat-and-neither

Yeah I guess so, I always seem to struggle with it for some reason 🤣

Maybe the previewer on lemmy is easier to use, I don’t know

Markdown comments/posts are better than reddits weird format system.

Yeah I agree, I would really like to see more discussion on Lemmy and beehaw in particular. I think this is because:

  1. There are less users here.
  2. Comments themselves drive engagement. I am more likely to comment on a thread like this where I can see a discussion in happening.

One thing to bear in mind is that reddit started off by creating fake accounts that would post links and discuss things. It is definitely an option to do that on Lemmy and it might already be happening a bit with tools like gpt-4.

It is very hard to learn on your own. You will have problems that are completely new to you. Luckily most of these problems have ready been saved by someone, google and chatGPT is your friend.

Try out this website: phind.com It is a search engine optimised for programmers.

I don’t think FBI cyber staff is equivalent. You would want to consider NSA, CIA ect also for it to be an equivalent comparison.

Lol, in the UK people would do this for charity/to try and raise money.

I believe so, I think he mentions it either in this video or another video of his.

I have been trying it out too, it is much better than I expected.

These are my two favourite films with magicians:



I think the reason they are good is that both the audience on the films and the viewer watching the films are both surprised by what happens

Looks like there will be more to come from this. That article is fairly short for what took a team of journalists months of analysis.

cross-posted from: https://beehaw.org/post/311970 > ## Product annoucements > - 13th gen Intel P-series mainboard > - AMD 7040 mainboard > - 16-inch variant (not many details) > - Expanding dimensions of expansion cards (e.g. eGPU) > - New modular input system - e.g. keyboard, numpad, expansion card I/O, secondary screen, open to public for 3rd-party devices > - New audio input jack expansion card > - Ability to use multiple storage expansion cards > - New case to re-use replaced battery as power block > - New mainboard case from CoolerMaster to build NUC-like system > - Matte screen option > - New bezel colors, including transparent >

## Product annoucements - 13th gen Intel P-series mainboard - AMD 7040 mainboard - 16-inch variant (not many details) - Expanding dimensions of expansion cards (e.g. eGPU) - New modular input system - e.g. keyboard, numpad, expansion card I/O, secondary screen, open to public for 3rd-party devices - New audio input jack expansion card - Ability to use multiple storage expansion cards - New case to re-use replaced battery as power block - New mainboard case from CoolerMaster to build NUC-like system - Matte screen option - New bezel colors, including transparent

In depth demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnIgnS8Susg

These are good points. In general I think it is good to increase bus frequency everywhere.

However I do still think that we should prioritise adding bus services to try and maximize usage (and stop as many car journeys as possible). Population density is definitely a factor here but (as you pointed out) so are other things like car usage in the area.

Two objective things that I can think of where cargo bikes might be better:

  1. If you want to go backwards (e.g. if you are on a narrow path or have parked your bike). Reversing anything with a trailer is more difficult so cargo hikes have an advantage here.
  2. Busy or narrow places. It is harder to be aware of a trailer as it is behind you while cargo bikes often have the cargo in front of the rider.

I’ve never used one but I imagine they have better balance and manoeuvrebility than adding a trailer

I guess one of the main problems is that in some cases suburbia doesn’t have the population density for bus services to be cost affective (buses should be subsidised but cost is still a factor). Even if everyone in suburbia stopped driving this would still be a problem.

One solution is to have some sort of local transport hub where there are more frequent bus services as well as facilities to store bikes/scooters. This would probably only work well if you have cycle path infrastructure linking suburbia to these transport hubs. There will probably still need to be buses going to suburbia for people who can’t bike/scooter to the transport hubs.