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Fastmail is highly recommended.

Nice find. Same for me on 0.4.2.

I just store them locally in browser and you can export them to an HTML file easily.


But I’m also interested in other options.

There’s ranger which is great and very extendable.

The second case is covered verbatim on the Arch wiki using a custom command: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Ranger#Compression

The core extensions for me are always a combination of uBO and uMatrix, using the latter to block scripts, xhr and cookies on all sites.

That leaves javascript disabled by default but I can whitelist what I need, either temporarily or permanent by saving the rules for frequently used sites or domains.

But it’s not for everyone, because it requires micromanaging what you allow.

Don’t have an iDevice myself, but this is nice.

Unarchiver tool on Fdroid? (untar, unzip,..)
Maybe my search-fu is abandoning me here but every once a while I need to unextract an archive, do you have recommendations ? Don't want to install stuff from Aurora just for this.