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  • I’ll give some examples of great implementations of socialism that drives welfare in today’s democracies, as I personally believe that socialism can’t exist without democracy, as it’s one of the core values of the concept, that’s it’s controlled by the people.

    One of socialisms ultimate goals are also equality, which my examples will show.

    • Free education
    • UBI if you get fired
    • UBI for old people
    • UBI for students
    • Free health care (duh)
    • Free dental (normally only till age of 18 today)
    • Basic insurance paid by the government

    These are just the big ones that really helps to make sure that very few people are actually poor and are getting desperate because of it.

    Also, it’s always important to say that socialism and capitalism are NOT mutually exclusive. It’s perfectly normal to have all these concepts from socialism in a capitalist country.

    I think we can agree that a country with 100% capitalism or socialism is not the best way to go.

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    Even though this is a great idea, it’s also incredibly unreasonable.

    There will be people cheating the hell out of this, because let’s face it. What people need is not a free computer. They need food and money.

    What ever that is possible to scrape from these machines, the market will open for it today if you launch your computer tomorrow.

    It’s a nice thought, but it’s the wrong way going around this. If you really want to make a difference, you open up your business somewhere in an area you want to help and you create jobs.

    Stable income is a sure way road to decrease in crinimal activity and a more safe society. THEN you can consider providing free stuff, when there’s no reason to abuse it.

    Maybe I’m too pessimistic, and I’d love to be convinced otherwise.