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Webex is the absolute worst. My company got on it when quarantine hit, and I couldn’t join a meeting when signed in (I “didn’t have permission”), can’t join a meeting when NOT signed in, had to log in as a guest every time, and couldn’t screencast a single application - had to share my entire double monitor, which made text too small to read for most folk. It never once worked correctly, not in any of the time I used it.

To be a cloud

You go where you please

So long as your goal

is to follow the breeze.

To be a cloud

Every moment in flight

You’re shaped how you’re shaped

And you like the night

Yes, I meant to say chrome. Bad wording

Yeah, it’s really good. I think it’s the most ethical option that exists. Never had a problem with a page loading or rendering wrong. I use firefox instead of the official app for quite a few things on mobile. The extension selection is awesome. I have a list of favorites that sync whenever i sign in to a new device, which is often at the moment for me. Haven’t seen an ad in years. Feels good to think that my data isn’t being collected & sold.

Just wondering, why c99?

C# goon here. Trying to relearn c, when the last time I used it was C90 standard in college. Want to relearn it so I can write something for a very particular older processor (that can’t support c++ if my research is correct).

Ok yeah, I didn’t know the difference. Thanks

I like the idea, but it’s not for me. These next questions are purely out of curiosity.

How would such a community be self sufficient? What would be the purpose of having a focus on gamedevs? If someone from the community wanted to join but they weren’t a gamedev, what then? What do you envision the average day is like in this coop?