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What were you using a headless browser for in the old day?

Some folks like to have a GUI server… CentOS ships with that option by default

FWIW… A friend and I compared running processes on a fresh mint install and an Ubuntu install… Mint had much fewer processes

That seems reasonable… It sounds like you want a server with a GUI, so I can see the logic

They’re both systemd based, though, so that’s a common weak point… But yeah if you had to compare one to the other that sounds right

Looks like this fork is on top of it: https://github.com/krayon/stiqued

Mine was behind auth anyway

Taking over Bandcamp should 100% go on that list

Here’s one I ended up going with, it worked very well: https://github.com/claudehohl/Stikked

Looks like the demo is currently offline though

That part really does stand out… though it sounds like the virus itself makes a way for itself to use PowerShell, not that it has to be already installed?

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There is a screenshot in the repository… just not in the README.md

They’re going to be selling it on 3.5" floppies… sign me up

Ironic thing is that Google itself is responsible for turning the web in that direction

Why is this person banned?