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Let’s not fool ourselves, denying Uyghur abuse puts you in the same territory as holocaust deniers.

You can easily tell their intention was never to create a space for “free speech”, it was to create a place where bigots could freely dump their hate speech on…unless those bigots aren’t European descendants, of course.

Connection error? That happens to me often, gets stuck on “send” and spams messages on whichever app/page I was on.

I don’t trust Furukawa, tbh. That forced Google Analytics update, predatory microtransactions…Nintendo ain’t a beacon of hope

Steve Wozniak is severely underlooked for not being the narcissistic rockstar CEO people like looking up to like Jobs was.

deleted by creator

Students: design a privacy/free speech tool CCP: WAIT, THAT’S ILLEGAL! (kudos to all punks in CCP-controlled territories finding new workarounds for surveilance and censorship)

Native american sex/gender expresion suffered a similar fate under colonialism, unfortunately.

Creepy tracking, likely juicy info for the CCP, watch out.

Pretty, but I’m seriously creeped out by their links to FydeOS and the chinese government.